Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Starting at the beginning (well not really, but at least the new chapter.....)

On our way down to Kissimmee on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving (literally driving down the interstate) we got a call from my friend at Senator Jim DeMints office. (Side note: Deb and Senator DeMint have been A+++ superheros in our adoption story) Deb says "I just heard from my friend at the Secretary of State's office, she said that things in your region are starting to move again" (Sidenote: I don't think any of you are just tuning in for the first time, but in case you are here is the short version of our adoption story: We met Charlie on March 20th expecting to return by June to finalize the adoption AND THEN all heck broke loose in the Russian adoption world when a certain "she who must not be named" sent her son back to Russia alone with a "return to sender" note. Russians were TICKED. Adoptions froze, then unfrozen, then remained frozen in our region until the present time.
Then Steph, my super sleuth fellow PAP calls to say- something is going on.
Then our case manager, Anya calls and says. "Hey, we need you to redo some paperwork, ASAP"
Well, that's kinda difficult driving down the interstate, but I called our doc right away, sweet talked the nurse into redoing our docs, called Kevin at Spartanburg 5-0 and ask him to redo our background checks, etc.
And so it begins.....
Redoing paperwork to let it expire again in three months....oh the joy.

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