Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Bunny

After weeks of singing, dancing, and talking about the Bunny, he finally arrived on Sunday! Charlie woke up a cranky mess on Sunday afternoon and didn't want to get out of bed. I told him that he better get up because someone special left him something! THE BUNNY! He just about lost his mind, high stepping to the living room to see his baskets (yes, our bunny leaves multiple baskets thanks to the baba and dada bunnies.....) Then it was onto the egg hunt, which he did much better at this time around since he knew candy was at stake :0)
The day before in preparation for the bunny we colored Easter eggs and made the traditional bunny cake. On Sunday morning we got up early and heard Papa preach and had a great time worshipping at our church. We kept the "bunny" under wraps until after nap time! Kudos to parents that bunnies comes BEFORE church. That really wasn't a possibility for us because of our Sunday schedules, luckily I think we have a few more years of "waiting" for the bunny until the afternoon!
Making the Bunny

All done!

Coloring eggs (redneck style)

Checking out what the Bunny left with Mama Bunny!

Looking for eggs!

Sunday morning before church. Waiting for the Bunny. This picture cracks me up. All business!
Happy Easter!

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