Friday, April 1, 2011

Praise report!

The Judge said "DA!!!" to the Hooks! Evan has a forever family! She will be the FIRST child with down syndrome to be adopted in Pskov. What a BIG deal! I pray that this opens the floodgates for more children with special needs, especially for Kirill and Baby J.
This is the power of prayer people!
That a Judge that just two weeks ago couldn't comprehend why anyone would want a child with special needs and rejected a case based solely on that backwards thought is now processing adoptions, not only for "Americans" but special needs children too. I know that the Davis' ruling will be overturned. I love it when God not only breaks down barriers, but smashes them and rights a wrong in the same swift motion. Go God! This is the same Judge that refused our case for close to a year without an official agreement being signed and then one day out of the blue scheduled our case. Could there be any other explanation? I really don't think so. God moves everywhere- in Russia and in the hearts of men (and Judges).

Cool news too- the Davis/Hook/Moreno's family agency, Reece's Rainbow is now partnering with our agency, CWA. Reece's Rainbow is a special agency that finds families for special needs children. They have hundreds of children waiting on their website and a lot of the children that need homes have matching grants to help with the cost of adoption! Also, if you follow Reece's Rainbow on Twitter, aka @ReecesRainbow, Patricia Heaton (Raymond, The Middle) will donate $1 to the agency for every person that follows along!
Yeah Reece's Rainbow and Yeah Patricia Heaton!
Also- My friend Steph is officially a Mommy today! Her Judge said "Da!" as well. Today is a day for celebrating in the adoption community. Whooo-Hoo!!!


  1. Very awesome indeed!!! Prayers will continue. . .

  2. Praise God! We rejoice with this family at such great news. And we continue to pray for the Davis family, that this will be resolved SOON, like, this coming week!! This little boy needs his Mommy & Daddy and deserves to be wanted! He's a child of God and He has created a plan and purpose for this life. Maybe it was for such a time as this! Praying their faith is strengthened and their fight is quick!
    Yes, I so love our agency!! They make me smile on a regular basis. They rock!!!

  3. Great News! Thanks for keeping us all updated!