Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The name game....

My friend Emma! Another favorite person to talk about....
 Charlie is starting to say a lot more folk's names lately and it is so cute to me! He gets so excited to see his friends and shouts their names over and over again....
Downfall- if he sees someone who looks remotely like them or has a similar characteristic from a distance he launches into a in depth conversation about that person until the look-alike acknowledges their uncanny resemblance. (Ex: Anytime he sees a Suburban he insists its "Jana" He also talks about Jana at bedtime because "Jammies" and "Jana" sound alike!) He also screamed "Joe-Joe" at a tall  man in Target until the guy stopped what he was doing waved to him. I just smile and shrug and say "you look like someone he knows....hehe" It's so great to see him responding socially to people that we love too!
A few other favorite names to shout, say, converse about:
Nene (Aunt Brittany)
Anna (our dog Annie)
Anna too (our dog Alex, since he can't say "Alex" he just says "too")
We read a book about the Nativity and he says "Ba-bee Jesus". So cute!!!

Tonight he finally said his own "non-Russian" name in the smallest sweetest voice...."Shar...lie" So precious. I want to shout with joy with every new word that comes from his lips! 

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  1. Awwww... it will happen so fast - don't blink! I think Corbin dropped most of his Russian in about 6 weeks and started referring to "Grisha" (His birth name) in third person. I love the video of him talking not long after we came home - it's so precious to hear their little voices and how much they change. Now, it never ends... so wonderful and so so so... chatterboxie! Take lots of videos of him talking - they will be amazing to watch later!