Monday, April 18, 2011

Zoo Growth Chart

February Zoo Trip
We have a great zoo about 30 minutes from the house. When Chad and I went in October before Charlie came home, we knew one of the things we wanted to do once he arrived was buy a family annual pass. It's a great place- the zoo is interesting, but not too big. Just perfect for a half day of fun. The best part- it's shady! And the playground is awesome! Anyway, every time we go I take a picture of Charlie in the jeep. I think it's a nice way of watching him grow, which apparently he has been doing a lot of lately. His 2T shorts don't button anymore and he's grown about an inch since we arrived home! I think with all the sunshine he's been getting- he's growing like a weed!
March Zoo Trip

April Zoo Trip


  1. Just look how your boy has grown & that smile is precious. I miss the everyday moments & I'm glad you keep taking pictures.

  2. A bunch of Love is all he needed to grow! I am amazed at the difference between February and April!!