Saturday, April 2, 2011

Police Car Needed.....

Dear Mr./Mrs. Police Officer:
I need to borrow your squad car for a few minutes for photo op purposes only.
You must not mind if we stand on your hood since you don't have handy running boards in which to stand on.
You can come to my house (please turn sirens off so that our neighbors don't say bad things about my mom and dad....)
Or I can meet you at a public parking lot as I did for the Fire truck, Electric Company's truck, or the Ambulance. You just park it, go in for a bite to eat and I'll hop on and shout "cheese" until my mom takes my picture.
Love, Charlie

P.S.- You can call me on my cell phone


  1. He is the cutest kid EVER!! Baba loves him soooooo much. Wish I was closer to enjoy the everyday events, like standing on the top of a Po-Po (word thanks to NeNe) car.

  2. So cute! Boys love cars and trucks of all sorts! He is so handsome and so tall! He looks as tall as my 5 year old!!

  3. Charlie is so cute! Love the pics with all the trucks! Boys sure do love trucks and cars! He look so happy talking on his cell phone!

  4. I need to believe in the power of prayer.
    I am home with a child after being lied to by my agency about her medical condition. I read your blog and it give me a new prospective. Don'i know if I can handle a SN child but maybe prayer
    will help give me some hope.