Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pop Quiz....I failed.

Question 1
We had speech therapy evaluation through RITE CARE (Through the Scottish Rite/Masons) on Monday. Last Monday Chad and I went to the parent interview and yesterday was Charlie's turn. The facility and the therapist is top notch. It was so nice just to have him evaluated to see what we need to be working on and if his delay is English as second language related or something more complicated. So, I brought Charlie alone because Chad had a big event planned with the youth. For about a week we've been talking about "school" and Charlie going to school since the evaluation was in a school setting and we talk quite a bit about "big boy school" since he will be going to Pre-K in the Fall. We took him down to the Pre-K in April for a visit (which happens to be located in the same church building where Chad and I work) and Charlie had a bit of a freak out since it looks exactly like an orphanage. I didn't want another freak out during the evaluation, so we've really been talking about school A LOT. Teachers, listening, following directions, etc. May I add- to no avail.
During the evaluation I am sitting behind two way glass with listening headphones, watching this whole thing unravel. It starts out really well. I am beaming from ear to ear. Yes, my child has been home 6 months and he is a genius. Yes a genius. He didn't cry when I "dropped him off" (to go spy on him from next door) He warmed up to the therapist right away (Thank goodness, he's not a big fan of strangers....) and he was actually responding to what she was asking him. Then Charlie got REALLY comfortable with the therapist. Like climbing all over her and trying to get to her "bucket of tricks" for correct responses. I went from watching a star pupil to watching the act with the monkeys at the zoo. I know what the problem is. She is too nice. Don't take me wrong, I am pretty nice when it comes right down to it but I also know the "sit down, straighten up and fly right" Mama voice. She apparently 1-was still getting what she needed despite my child using her like a jungle gym 2-didn't want to make his first experience unpleasant or 3-was really, really, nice and this wasn't the worst evaluation she had done.
POP QUIZ: Do I go interrupt this circus and bust into the room, putting on my mama voice and threaten to take him away from school? Would that interrupt the flow of therapy? 
ANSWER: I interrupt therapy for a "potty break". I bribe him with a trip to the Zoo after we are done and threaten him in my best mommy voice.
SCORE: Fail. 
We go back into the room and I return to my little post and it's pretty insane. Does he always act this way when I'm not around? I am fairly certain she isn't going to qualify us for therapy because my kid is acting like I gave him 4 Red Bulls and a bowl of sugar for breakfast that morning.
Well, sweet therapist must be a glutten for punishment. She is going to do a little research on Russian phonetics (because she is a little leery to "grade him" on a traditional English speaker scale). I can really appreciate that. So, she decided to take us onto her caseload- YEAH! and will put us on a waiting list.
She was amazed by his comprehension, but felt he was lacking in pronunciation and mimicking. She asked me if he said any words that start with a "W". Uhhh....drawing a blank. Now that I've had time to think without the pressure of the Pop Quiz, he says "Working" ALL.THE.TIME. Who is working, where do they work, etc. He also obsesses about "Woo-woos" ALL.THE.TIME. Second question: fail. I think I'll call her tomorrow. Or is it even important? This is uncharted territory.

Question 2
We are at the Library today. He is acting a little squirrely again, but we are managing. I ask him if he wants to check out a movie before we go home with just books. He refuses to answer me, so we get in line to check out our books. Que first temper tantrum. Sure, Charlie has acted out and cried in public. BUT NOTHING LIKE this. I'm talking back arching, eyeballs bulging, husky man-voice screaming, drooling, spitting, throwing punches temper tantrum. This is so out of character for him.
POP QUIZ: What the heck do I do? 
ANSWER: Drag him to the car while every employee, librarian, and patron gives me the evil eye. Get to the car and try to get him into the car seat. Decide this is ridiculous and try to get out of the car and let him scream it out while I stand outside the car. Remember the child locks are on and I have to climb out through the front seat. Get out. Wait 2 minutes. Decide it's too freaking hot to wait this out. I drive home in silence while the demon that possessed my sweet boy are screaming "Maaaammaaaaa" in true Linda Blair fashion. Go home, give him a LOOONG talking to, and put him in time out while I make lunch. Is he too young to be "grounded" from the library?
SCORE: C-. I was NOT prepared for this. 

Question 3
QUESTION: What happens when you forget to pay the water bill?
ANSWER: They shut your water off, while you happen to be de-boning salmonella carrying raw chicken. 
SCORE: Fail. 
On my own personal account of failure this week, I totally forgot to pay the water bill and they shut our water off! Without so much as a nice little warning! I mean, not to pass the blame here, but the stinking thing is due ever OTHER month. I always forget and wait until the last minute. I guess they are tired of my lack of concern  for this ridiculous way of billing and decided to teach me a lesson. So noted.

On another non-quiz related tidbit of fun, someone stole Chad's debit card number after we pumped gas on Friday night and made fraudulent charges. Now our checking account is in limbo and our cards needed to be canceled. Awesome.
It's been such a fun week and it's only Tuesday. Yeaaahhhh....


  1. Charlie is exhibiting typical 3 year old boy behavior. . .and it doesn't go away by 5 either! : ) It's all normal and just means that he feels very very comfortable with you and he must really love you too! No one really lets out the demon self unless they love the one they are with!

    God Bless. . .hope and pray it gets better for you from here!

  2. You didn't fail! Typical behavior. My 5 year old had a full throttle meltdown at the airport this weekend -p it was 2 in the morning though... Seriously these things happen and the biggest thing to remember is don't worry what other people are thinking. Stick to your guns, don't back down to avoid the meltdown, leave the store tell he's having a tough time, he'll have a better day tomorrow/later/whatever.

  3. Remember, all children/adults have meltdowns, just in different degrees on any given day.
    Be firm & consistant & you will be OK. If all else fails, send him to Baba.