Monday, December 14, 2009

Good News (but not THE news!)

So a while back (late summer to be exact) you may recall we applied for the Show Hope Grant. This is the grant from the Steven Curtis Chapman Foundation, formally Shoshanna's Hope. Well we really weren't expecting any money at all, we heard from a few other families that with the economy all foundations that provide grant's funds were lower than normal, not to get our hopes up. But we gave it a try and GUESS WHAT?
We got a letter in the mail today that said we were awarded $3,000!!! We will receive the funds at the time of the referral. Isn't that wonderful news?!!?! That will REALLY help take the pressure off of our travel expense crunch. I just can't believe they gave us money! I am so grateful and so appreciative of Show Hope, they are such an answer to prayer. And truly, they were the first nudge Chad got putting adoption in his heart (at a Hope benefit concert), so in a way we've come full circle.
I am just speechless (well...almost!) Thank you Show Hope! Someday we hope to repay a little of the blessing you've given us by helping this wonderful organization. According to our letter, one way that we know we can help is to send pictures and our testimony after we bring Baby Deetz home! I hope we can do that VERY soon! Yippeee! What a great early Christmas present!


  1. Wow!! That's great news, that's not THE news!!

  2. That is awesome! So happy for you guys - that's truly a Christmas gift :)

  3. Isn't God good! All things work for His honor and glory. Another piece of the puzzle. This puts you one step closer to bringing your baby home. Love, Momma