Friday, December 25, 2009

On the 12th Day of Christmas…..

My true love gave to me….. A partridge in a pear tree!
Did you know that each “day” of Christmas in this song symbolizes something in the Bible? (Ex: Two Turtle Doves= the Old and New Testament?) Well the Partridge in the Pear tree is Jesus. In the New Testament Jesus draws correlation to himself as a bird “Jerusalem, Jerusalem! How often have I sheltered you under my wings, as a hen does her chicks….” Luke 13:34. And though at Christmastime we picture Jesus as a tiny baby in a manger, we would be remiss if we failed to picture him as a grown man, hanging on a tree for your sins and mine. Easter and Christmas go hand in hand, without the miracle of one, we would not have the miracle of the other.
These last 11 days I have shown you all the things that I love about Christmas. But without Jesus they would be just that, things. Things that get broken, things that go out of style, things I get tired of, some things that I will pass on to Baby Deetz, but in the end they are all things and all of those things will eventually turn into dust. But the greatest thing is that Jesus never goes out of style or gets lost or broken. He is the same today that he was 2000 years ago in that manger. Merry Christmas!


  1. Merry Christmas Sarah! We're flying home from Moscow today and I'm looking forward to starting up our Russian cooking again. We had the most amazing borscht and pelmeny here, along with beef stroganoff served with mashed potatoes! I'm thinking we should add some of these to our cooking list :)