Thursday, May 28, 2009

Milestones in our “first trimester”/ Our 100th post!

Last night we received a call from Anya- Our Home Study is in route to the Deetz household and BONUS- It's already been Apostilled! Our feet are on the pedals..... With that thought.....IN HONOR OF OUR 100TH POST, WE PRESENT OUR FIRST TRIMESTER!

January 8, 2009- Chad and I celebrate our 9th anniversary. While at dinner we talk about the next step in starting a family- IVF? Not for us. Adoption, lets do it! What’s holding us back? Money, fear of the unknown.

January 10, 2009- Go to Barnes and Nobles and buy two books on adoption. Question: Domestic or International. Chad stays up all night reading Dawn Davenport’s book- “Book of International Adoption” Start web research. Decide that International adoption has less risk (more 1st time success rates than U.S. adoption, less birth mother rights to change her mind)

January 12, 2009- Request information from several adoption agencies. Some are too small, some are too big. Christian World Adoption seems just right! And the headquarters are about 45 minutes from home. Start thinking about a country….. We are thinking Bulgaria.

January 22, 2009- Met with Carol at C.W.A. We are so eager to hear all about the different programs and countries. We have a lot to think about! Bulgaria is out; our hearts are set on Russia. Ethiopia is a close second.

January 23, 2009- Receive first set of goodies from C.W.A. to fill out (Initial Application packet, Home Study details)

January 27, 2009- Attend webinar Orientation with Julie.

January 30, 2009- Send letter to friends and family announcing the adoption, need for support and financial help!

February 3, 2009- Send Initial Application packet to Pat with first payment to the agency. It’s official- We are “Paper Pregnant”! The blog is born…..

February 8, 2009- Start the evil adoption book, start gathering documents, start freaking out. Background checks, reference letters, and other things with personal information goes out. Still not sure why….. but I think we’re in the clear.

February 10, 2009- Anya is assigned to our case. We love her accent, we are hoping that she likes us.

February 16, 2009- Send autobiographies (More than you ever wanted to know about Chad and Sarah) along with all the other documents on our “check list” for our home study. Home study is scheduled for March 14th. Start cleaning. Start Hague Training online course. It was a busy day.

February 17, 2009- Spider infestation.

February 19, 2009- Anya assigns us to the St. Petersburg Region. Yipppeee!

February 24, 2009- Complete Hague online training.

February 28, 2009- Pass the “evil adoption book” test. Ridiculous amount of cleaning taking place in our home. More than when we sold our house in Georgia.

March 14, 2009- Home Study visit. I actually asked Portia to look in our closets and inside our drawers.

March 16, 2009- Document training webinar with Michael.

April 11, 2009- Momma Jane (Mimi) and Daddy (PeePee, just kidding, we haven’t figure out what to call him yet) buy nursery furniture for Baby Deetz. It will arrive in our “second trimester”

April 22, 2009- Home study draft comes via fax. Make our changes and send it back the next day.

May 27, 2009- Home study has been Apostilled by C.W.A. and in route to the Deetz House!

It’s been a little longer than 3 months, but I consider the receipt of our final home study the end of a very long trimester. The good news is: I didn't throw up once, have not gained any weight, and I have no new stretch marks. However, I am feeling REALLY tired and have moments of extreme crankiness and irritability. Then again, that's nothing new! But, the good news is, we are on our way!

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