Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pskov family updates....

The Moreno are home from Russia after meeting Baby J, now they are waiting for a court date. Did I mention their plane caught on fire on the way home? Is satan working overtime in Pskov or what?!!?...... 
The Davis family's appeal has been filed with the Supreme court. HOWEVER, the Judge could simply overturn her ruling at this point and the case would be over. (Meaning they could bring home Kirill!) So lets pray for that route! Regardless, lets keep praying this little guy home. You can follow them on facebook- "Saving Kirill" and get the latest.

The Hook family had court today- after a looong line of questioning, a messed up document, a lunch break, and some crazy questions the Judge has called a recess until tomorrow. (So that the document could be corrected and presented again tomorrow) Surely, she has it in her heart to grant baby Evan's adoption, right? Why else would she be making them redo documents at this point? I take that as a very good sign. Regardless, please say a special prayer for them tonight before bed -OR- if you are up late tonight into tomorrow- 3am-? please pray for them in "real time" while court resumes. Pray that Evan would be on her way to where she belongs- with her family!!!

One more thing- I have a dear friend, Steph, that is in another region of Russia having court tomorrow too. Her journey has been especially strenuous and insane (even worse than what we went through) due to the ramifications of the adoption freeze. Pray that things go smoothly and she can bring her son home too!

When all our babies are home we can do one big Yippeeee dance! (And have a nice reunion celebration!)


  1. Praying ceaselessly for all!!! thanks for the update. . .

  2. Will continue praying! Thanks for all the updates!

  3. Yes, thank you for these updates! Following, and most importantly, PRAYING!!!