Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Conversations with Charlie

Today we were playing outside and I was pushing Charlie on the swing.
Charlie: "High Mama"
Me: "Ok, I'll push you high"
Charlie: "The sky mama"
Me: "To the sky?"
Charlie: "Da, the moon"
Me: "The moon isn't out yet, what else is in the sky?"
Charlie: "Sun"
Me: "Yeah, the sun and the clouds....what else?"
Charlie: "Baby Jesus"
Me: "That's right! You know Baby Jesus grew up, he's not a baby anymore. He grew up to be a big boy"
Charlie: "Jesus, tee tees (in the) potty?"
Me: "Uhhh......I guess he did....."


  1. Very cute....my nephew once asked if God wore underwear!!

  2. Ha! Good one Charlie (ad we used to say He probably stepped in dog poo at some point of his life, too. What a mess to clean from your sandals!)