Saturday, July 2, 2011

Friends and Family Plan

Charlie at Reedy River Falls
What's the secret to keeping a big ol' smile on your face despite the sun trying to melt it off? It's simple- join the friends and family plan. It's simple. Spend your time with the people you love the most.
How does one locate such friends and family? It's simple too. They are the people that make your heart feel happy. They don't keep score or get jealous of your time. They don't make you feel guilty if your cheesecake burns up in the oven and you bring cookies from Publix. They don't keep track of all the things you forget, they just cherish your time spent together. Everyday is a celebration when you're with them.
They call you up whenever you cross their mind and say "Hey.....what are you doing tonight for dinner?" or "Hey.....we just took an impromptu vacation to North Carolina and we want to come see you!" or "Hey....would you like to come over after work and swim in our pool??" The answer to all of the following this week- WE WOULD LOVE TO!!! No fuss. No expectations. I am so thankful for these friends, not only do they fill me with gratitude, but I am even more thankful for them now that Charlie is here. He is surrounded by so many people that love him.
Enjoying Mrs. Sharon's Pool

Playing with Sam and Seth in the Pool

Charlie meets his awesome Great Aunt & Uncle
and his charming Second Cousins from PA

Wading in the Reedy River with Kelsey

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  1. I am so glad that you got to spend time with family & friends. I know Charlie loves every minute of it!! It is so nice that he is experiencing so many wonderful things and that "family" has a real meaning now.