Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tight Wad Wednesday

    I know you don't remember (and if you do I am going to be a little scared...) but about a year ago, I started to get in on the whole coupon craze after checking out behind a lady that spent 63 cents on $132 worth of groceries. If you want a refresher and a little chuckle, you can read about my experience HERE.
    So I've been at this couponing thing for about a year now, can you believe it? Time flies whether you're having fun or  not :0) and I now look forward to Wednesdays (or as I like to call them, Tight Wad Wednesdays) because it's the day that the new sales start in the store.

    On Tuesday nights I go to my favorite couponing site SOUTHERN SAVERS and Jenny does all the work for me. I just go through the little checklist and make a shopping list, print some coupons, and then go through my giant file cabinet of circulars and clip the coupons she tells me too! Sometimes I also visit I heart Publix and I heart Bi-Lo to make sure Jenny didn't miss anything (she rarely does!). It takes about 2 hours in all and I am ready for Tight Wad Wednesdays by 8:00am the next day (before all the crazy hard core couponers come and knock you down for the last box of Kellogg's and run your over with their cart for good measure) I usually go to Publix first on my way into the office to get their penny item (a mystery item for a penny on Wednesdays only! Fun!) and then to Bi-lo on the way home with Charlie. He calls all grocery stores the "yum-yum shop" which is too cute, he drives the grocery cart shaped like a car that has the turning radius of the Titanic and holds the coupons for me. Very good helper....

    Anyway, by doing this I have cut our monthly food budget in HALF! That is so exciting to me! I know some folks do even better, but I am still buying items without coupons that are weekly must haves, like milk, fresh fruit, fresh veggies, and meat. Those are all things that seldom carry coupons. I've even taught a free class for my church and the community teaching other people these little tips and money savers. If you love watching your grocery tab get sliced at least in half every week, have 2 hours a week to spend, can buy 2 Sunday papers a week, and can keep organized- this is a great way to save some hard earned money! If you want a copy of my class handout, email me :0)

    So the rundown today for Tight Wad Wednesday?
Publix: Spent $22.04 and saved $46.65
Bi-Lo: Spent $37.93 and saved $36.20

    I LOVE being a tight wad! Once you get use to this way of shopping it will almost make you cry to buy things without a coupon. Chad makes fun of me a little because when he comes home I put everything on the counter and he has to play "The Price is Right" and guess how much I spent. See, isn't being a tight wad the coolest?


  1. Ahhh yes! We shop at Publix, too. However, we're a Thursday-start area and we don't get penny items. :o( But apparently our BOGO's can be better? I don't know 1st hand, though. Love my Publix!!

  2. I am all about being a tight wad these days! Bummed that Kroger where I shop recently did away with double and triple coupons!

    BTW - love your new blog template!

  3. I just can't get into coupons. I can never find them for what I want and no store anywhere near me doubles. However, it sounds like you are doing awesome!

  4. lol... I don't want to admit my tightwaddedness but alas it is true....