Thursday, July 14, 2011

Po-Po's and Egg Legs

Egg-Leg Pooch
Charlie is officially speaking more words than I can keep track of.
I can truly say as well he is starting to converse more. Our conversations mostly revolve around the same topics- going bye-bye, whether or not the "woo-woo" is "night-night" or "working" (meaning the firetruck is inside the fire station by our house or out on a call ), his schedule "time to eat?" "nap?", etc., and where people are at any given time of the day as in who's working, sleeping, or at home. If I ask him what he wants to eat, he can tell me. That is a big relief, I mean who wants to eat stuff they don't feel like eating? That would be like going to a restaurant and having someone choose every meal you eat day after day. "Fish, Ewwwwww.....not again....."
He is starting to try to repeat words a lot more. When we read to him he mumbles the words along with us and says the last word of each sentence very loudly.
My favorite new word is for a pirate, we are working on a pirate themed scavenger hunt at our church so he's seen a lot of pirates lately, and he calls them "egg-legs" as in "peg-legs" Too funny. We were also eating lunch with a friend yesterday and a cop came in and sat at the table next to us. Charlie stood up and started yelling "PO-PO!!!" at the top of his lungs. Not funny. Well, it was, but I digress....
On August 1st and 8th we are having him evaluated by another speech therapist, however. We want to make sure we are doing everything within our power to make sure he is where he needs to be. I am hoping this is more for my piece of mind and he is making appropriate progress on his own. We started watching the "Little Pim" videos in Russian and when they start a new word and I ask him "What is that?" he says it in English, even though the Russian is blaring in the background...Hmmmm.....
Over the course of the last three weeks he has started saying what appears to be a new Russian word which is pronounced "Dee-Et-Ah?" and points at something. We think it's Russian for "look" or "what is that" either that or it is a badly butchered English word for "look" or "what's that". Hmmm.....
I love the way he is more in tune with his surroundings. He talks about the people walking, the cars driving down the road, people "working" and big trucks along the way. It's hard to believe the first month home I was checking my rear-view mirror constantly to see if he was asleep; he never made a peep in the car.

I think he has an amazing sense of direction. Several miles from our house coming from any direction he points and says "home over there?" and he is right 90 percent of the time. Now if we could just work on his odds of putting his shoes on the right feet.


  1. Aidan used to spend about 15 minutes twice a day pointing at things and saying "that" or what sounded like "Dat!" I just watched a video of him doing this the other day and now realize he was saying "Dee-Et-Ah!" in his little 2 year old voice. I think you're right that it means "what's that?" because that is exactly how Aidan learned the English names for everything. It's amazing to think about now. . .

    And that sense of direction! I know exactly what you mean! Within a month of being home, Aidan could give directions back to our house as far as 10 blocks away! It totally amazed me. . .still very centered on his directions.

    Sounds like you have another little smarty pants. . .they are awesome but can keep you on your toes! in a good way. . .: )

    God bless!

  2. Love the egg leg! So glad his language is going so well. He is such a little doll!

  3. After I read your post, I walked away thinking about what your son is trying to say. My daughter had the same problem when she was around his age and would often mix languages.

    The word for "this" in Russian is это - pronounced eta as the o is non-stressed and becomes an short a. Therefore, I think you are right in "this" is the second word he is saying.

    As for he first word, he may be at the point where he is forgetting or confusing his 2 languages. Does he want you to give the object to him when he points? If yes, he is trying to say "дай" pronounced "die" in English as give me. I think he is confusing "die" with "what" or just be satisfied when you answer him even if you do not give him the object.

    By the way, one of my most embarrassing moments in the grocery store in America was when my daughter screamed "Die Mne Mommy, Die Mne Mommy" which me "give me mommy". She wanted some milk and I pretty sure the old lady in line thought my daughter was the worst child in the world when in fact she was being very polite and speaking great grammar!!!

    The brain of a bi-lingual child is amazing!! These kids process 2x as much information as we do for a word and decided in a nanosecond on which grammar rules apply. He sounds like a smart little guy. You are blessed!

    Both of my kids have had speech therapy - 1 in English and 1 in Russian.

    I hope this helps!! ; ) Cheers!