Monday, October 26, 2009

And a good time was had by all.

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been insanely busy. Here’s a brief rundown of why:

Thursday- Rented a 12 passenger van and drove to Kissimmee with our friends. Blair and I share a birthday so we both had a free ticket for Friday. Ate dinner at the best bar-b-que joint in Kissimmee- FAT BOYS! It was really good and a definite blast from my past.

Friday- It is HOT here! We got to EPCOT at 9:00am. I finally got to ride “Soarin” and that was the only must do on my agenda. Everything else was just gravy. Their was NO crowd at all (Disney in the Fall is a beautiful thing!). We waited 5-10 minutes for all the rides. It was a perfect day- perfect weather. We went to three parks (EPCOT, Magic Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios) and rode the “must-do’s”. We were able to ride close to 15 rides and stop for lunch. When we got home late that night I opened my gifts. Are you ready for the understatement of the decade? Everyone went a little crazy overboard with the gifts. I am spoiled. I admit it. One of my favorite gifts? Mom and Dad wrote me “30 memories” each. That was really sweet. Baby Deetz got a few things for my birthday too. Mom said it was to get me ready for sharing my birthday with our son/daughter for the rest of my life.
Saturday- I’ve been dying to tell everybody this part- but had to keep it under wraps. My dad and I threw a huge surprise party for my mom for her birthday. The funny thing is I think she was genuinely surprised which is a miracle considering how many people were in on it. We had the party at Mimi’s Café in one of their private rooms. We invited people from her past and present. It was such a great time. Everyone was there to honor my mom, and celebrate what a fantastic wife, mother, and friend she is to all of us. It was truly a spectacular day! I don’t have any pictures- I was too busy playing hostess. Chad’s mom was there snap! snap! snapping! pictures so I will have some hopefully soon for you. It was a feat surprising mom. She didn’t want to let Brittany go “hang out with her friends” on Saturday night (a.k.a. decorate for the party, pick up the balloons, meet the cupcake lady, etc.) She wasn’t really that hungry for dinner. She wanted to cook for the 12 of us instead of going out. She wouldn’t stop following me around so that I could call and confirm with the restaurant. I was totally busted whispering to Donna about the cupcake stand. I thought she knew. But by the look on her face when she walked into the room- she definitely DID NOT KNOW A THING! Ha! It was just a great night. I am so thankful we were able to pull it off.

Sunday- Load up the big ol’ van and drive back home. We stopped in stopped in St. Augustine for lunch and to outlet shop. We got home around 9:00pm to MUCH cooler weather. Then I made cookies for Deetzie Treatsies and tried to pick up the house a little. My BFF, Heidi, sent me a gifty, it was there waiting for me when I got home. I am saving all the little 30 confetti’s stuffed inside for her birthday in January!

Monday- What state am I in? Other than the state of exhaustion and confusion? Oh, South Carolina. Right.

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  1. I can't tell you what a surprise it was to have you, your sister & you Dad plan me a surprise birhtday party!! You are all such a blessing to me & I can't believe you pulled it off without anyone letting the "cat out of the bag". It was amazing & so much fun to be surrounded by family & friends!!! Other than my 30th birthday, when I brought you home, it was the best birthday ever!! Thanks to all!