Friday, October 2, 2009

P.P. P.

This picture makes me happy! It is from Sergei Kovalenko’s website, he is the Russian-American photographer that spends his summer in Pskov (and has since he was a small boy). Now he brings his children there, you may or may not remember his cute little kids from previous “Perfect Pskov Pictures”. This particular one is at the Pskov-Choodskoy Lake, adjacent fresh water lakes are that are two of the largest fresh water bodies in Europe. The town of Pskov is located nearby in its watershed - the Velikaia River that passes through the town flows into Pskov Lake. A place of a historic and victorious battle of Alexander Nevsky, the lake is a popular place for recreation for the town dwellers. I want to have recreation there soon. Most likely when I visit the lake it will be one….giant….block…..of… Then I can ice fish instead of frolic in my skivvies! Everyone will collectively breathe a sigh of relief that I will be completely covered.
On that note, last week my good friend from high school (who now lives in California) called me. Her in-laws live in the next town over from us and she was in town! So I drove out to the country and picked her up (the whole time talking to my GPS begging it to behave and not lead my astray). I got to meet her two adorable, very smart, girls and her husband for the first time. As we were leaving for “girls night out” her husband was performing diaper duty. Meagan stopped in her tracks and said “Oh! Before we leave, you’ve got to see this!” We walked back over to Kennedy and Meagan said “Look at that! Look at all those rolls, how precious is that?” Then we had a very good laugh that having “rolls” when you are a baby is the only time that is considered desirable or adorable. We had a great visit together. It is so refreshing to have true friends able to pick up right where you left off, even if your lives have changed drastically since you were last together. She took a picture of us, here it is for your viewing pleasure!


  1. That is a really CUTE picture! Love it.

  2. It has been 12 years to the day that we adopted our little Russian princess from Pechory, Pskov Region. Back then it was only a 9 month wait from when we applied on Valentines day until the day we brought her home. It was a 10 day trip requiring us to only travel once. I know that laws have all changed now. If you are interested in e-mailing me, I would be happy to share with you some things I wish I would have taken to Russia and some things I will never forget. It was the trip of a lifetime and our dreams come true. Our daughter is now 14 years old, having been 2 when we adopted. Treasure the excitement of the anticipation... I know it's hard. I will pray for you tonight for God's perfect plan for you and your child, who is waiting for a Mama & Papa. Blessings! (