Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Most exciting news of the day:

I bought a pair of snow boots online for our hopefully soon travel to Russia (and cold South Carolina weather). Yes, it’s been a slow day. They will arrive by November 5th. I don’t think we are in any danger of getting a call before then.

Thanks for the birthday gift card Heidi!

We received a “Russian families” update, warning us once again that things come to a grinding halt mid-December through mid-January. We also received word that the Judge in Pskov takes off the month of November. Wow. That leaves us with a very small window of opportunity, doesn’t it? My prediction is that they expedite things for us and we get a referral in November or they ice us and it’s February-early Spring before we get a referral. That’s just a hunch. Who knows…..


  1. I will pray that the "small-window" prediction is what will happen and you will get your referral before things slow down/stop.
    Love the boots, they will come in handy, my feet were very cold in November!

    Your trip to Disney sounded great!

  2. I love your boots, they'll be great on all of those slippery frozen uneven footpaths. We got our first trip call around November 10th and our second trip call around the end of Jan, her's hoping you get your call in November.