Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I came across an article in Adoptive Parents magazine about a mother waiting for her daughter from China. Currently, she had been waiting 18 months, but in the beginning of the process, she was very strict about not making any purchases for “the baby”. Then she was at her alma mater and she bought her a college themed picture book. Well, that started a fury of purchases that would leave her feeling angry at herself for not waiting longer to start buying things.
I obviously do not have that problem. Sometimes the things I buy seem impractical I think, “What if they are too big for this baby swing?” But then the eBay diva kicks right in and says, “Sarah you paid like 25% of retail for this, you can sell it and make your money back plus $10. If it works GREAT, if not- no big deal!” I think of the Consignment Sales at the church and think I would be wasting money if I didn’t get this at such a great deal! I can always re-consign…..
Anyway- I digress…. Someone wrote a comment that basically said “No, no, it’s perfectly normal and it’s your way of preparing for your child to come home!” An interesting idea came up of “Waiting v. Preparation”. Waiting isn’t so bad if you think of it as preparing. Christmas Day wouldn’t be nearly as joyous if you woke up one day and someone said- “Hey- It’s Christmas” You would miss the Christmas Hot Dog (Special Ed Department at our church puts on a play every year and the night before the families and staff are invited to the rehearsal dinner where, you guessed it, hot dogs are served!) You would miss the weather turning cold, the trimming of the trees, the parties, the gift exchanges, the cookies being made, the family and friends you get to see, the 24 hour a day Christmas music on the radio, the candle light service on Christmas Eve. Christmas would be just another day. It wouldn’t be special at all. There is something to be said about the excitement of anticipation.
When is the last time you really prepared for something big and important? Something that would change your life forever? Moving to another state? For your wedding? For a make or break contract at work? For a child? I am reminded that as I prepare for Baby Deetz, someone is preparing for me- "Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me. In my Father's house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am. You know the way to the place where I am going." – John 14:1-4
I was trying to prepare by learning Russian (fail) and have found that I am better at shopping. I’ll just have to wing it and be silent in a country that doesn’t understand me, and I them. The ABC’s of Russia was also a great preparation for me, because I felt connected to a culture I knew very little about. I think about safety of strollers and car seats. I think about making baby food v. canned food. I think about cloth diapers (that was a very short thought) I think about tiny clothes and shoes and sharp edges on tables. This morning I thought about when we come home from the airport with the baby, how we are going to handle the dogs.
So, I’m not really waiting. I am anticipating and preparing. Sounds better doesn’t it?


  1. Hi Sarah...I came across your blog through someone elses that I follow. I noticed that you will be adopting from Pskov. We have been on somewhat of a roller-coaster ride through our adoption journey, however we were just told last week our paperwork has been registered in Pskov region! :) I also noticed that you are from Spartanburg. My sister & her husband live in Mauldin (I actually went to BJU back in '87) I am kind of new to blogging, but would love to follow yours if that is ok? My blogsite is: Feel free to stop by and and visit if you want. Praying for you during this waiting time, who knows maybe we will meet up in Pskov (or Greenville) :) Have a great day. Heather

  2. Hi Sarah, during our "wait" I honestly didn't buy a lot - just did a lot of window shopping . . . I was worried about gender, first, and then age (we were adopting an "older" child, too, so I was also thinking that the child might not like some things . . .) After meeting Sofia, then I was actually worried about something going wrong with paperwork, court, etc. As a Christian, I wasn't supposed to be thinking this way, but I was kinda worried about jinxing things . . . oops, did I say that out loud?? Anyways, as for the dogs, with our first bio boy, my husband took home something from the hospital for the dog to smell/sleep with. Maybe you can have a small blanket with you on trip 1 that you can bring back for your dogs?

  3. Sarah you are so right about the anticipation of preparing for such an incredible event. It is definitely part of the fun! When we were waiting for Alex I could not resist buying clothes and fun baby stuff. Preparing for her arrival gave me something to focus on besides the long wait.

    Congrats on moving up to #1 on your agency waiting list. We are #1 on our agency's Pskov waiting list too. It would be so great to meet up in Pskov!!!

  4. I didn't buy a lot during out wait either...but one thing I did buy that I was really glad about was a lovey. I liked to sleep with it and for some reason it gave me a sense that this was all going to happen. I also bought a little doll to put in her crib and that way it didn't seem to aweful to walk into her room and see an empty crib every time...

    Your time is coming...SOON!

    I hate to tell you, but the hardest wait time is between trip 1 and trip 2...but at least then, you have a sweet little one to shop for and a sweet little face to think about.

    Soon, soon, soon!


  5. I'm glad to be preparing....eventually, we will have a child in our arms to love forever. In the meantime..........I'm going shopping.