Thursday, October 1, 2009


It’s October! Can you believe it? I turn 30 in 22 days. Yikes. I don’t feel 30, I think that’s the hardest part. I feel like I just got out of high school a few months ago. Today, just like clockwork the weather has turned undeniably “fall”, I even pilgrimaged upstairs to break into my stash of sweaters! Chad made fun of me when I stopped to take this picture, but the sky was crystal clear, the wind was blowing, and it was just perfect! I felt like I was at the Kissimmee Silver Spurs for the county fair. The only thing I needed was some greasy Italian Sausage and a funnel cake. And a fried apple dumpling. With ice cream.
I know I haven’t been updating as regularly as normal. I will recap about our goings on’s for your reading pleasure:
Every night when I get home I make dozens of cookies and even a few cakes here and there. My home is a virtual bakery. It has turned into a second job, for better or worse. Good I am making extra money, bad I am really tired.
We’ve had $600 more donations made to our CWA account. That is very good news! We are on the home stretch now a little bit more and all we will need are our travel expenses.
We have been lead to believe that things are moving in Pskov. Slowly, but they are moving, so that is an exciting prospect. Stay tuned for more details. Don’t jump the gun, I mean, we’re not like getting a referral as far as we know, but things are moving along for others, so that is a positive no matter how slowly things are moving, right? Any step forward is a step closer.
If you blog hop, you’ll notice that a ton of families have gotten referrals, are traveling, have traveled, are waiting court dates, have brought children home. That is a wonderful thing! A family in our community brought home two little girls from Russia last month. Three people from three separate (unrelated) venues have told me “Did you hear about the so and so family? They finally got their girls!” We continue to celebrate as a community with each child brought home to their “forever families”.
Chad and I recently had a conversation about the “wait” we have found it to be fairly easy. Don’t get me wrong, I wish I knew when we were going and I wish it would be soon, but overall we are content to call this period “preparation” instead of “waiting”. We have been busy (as usual) and I’m sure that helps pass the time quickly. There is so much to be done! Till next time......

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  1. You don't feel 30 because you are an eternal youth groupee. As for me, 30 is only a faint memory. But, you will always be my baby girl. Momma