Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Donna!

What a great gift for Donna on her birthday- Did you know that we are next on the list for a referral? As in #1? (See the previous entry!) Now onto the regularly scheduled blog.....
Hopefully, someday, when Baby Deetz is old enough, they will go back and read this blog (hopefully in paper form because I HAVE got to start printing everything out for them, because I have totally stopped scrapbooking because this is so much less messy and much more convenient!)
Anyway, I wanted you to know today is your Dad’s mom’s birthday, her name is Donna. The first time I ever met Donna (a.k.a your Grandma, or whatever we think of to call her) was right after your dad and I started dating. That was almost 12 years ago! (I was wearing this really cute red plaid shirt…but that isn’t important to the story) I remember walking into their house before a date and Donna and Rick hugging me like I was their long lost daughter and telling me how happy they were that I was dating Chad. We didn’t talk very much that night, because I had a feeling that they already knew EVERYTHING about me. They just smiled and nodded, and looked so exceedingly thrilled to see me. I can’t remember a time that I have ever felt like that. To be instantly loved and adored, because I was someone that Chad loved and adored. Loved by association if you will. When I thought about it that night, I was nervous for no reason because I was afraid that they wouldn’t like me. Chad is Donna’s only son. To watch your only child grow up and leave can’t be easy, and at that point we were spending every waking moment together, we knew we wanted to get married from our very first date. I know now that she already knew this that night because she had already helped Chad pick out my ring. ;0)
But, in retrospect it all makes sense. To know Donna is to love her. Her love for others is simply a visible extension of the love of Christ in her life. She is a STRONG woman of faith and a wonderful mother and one of my best friends. A lot of people are praying for your safe arrival, but I know without a shadow of a doubt she prays for you everyday. I can’t wait for you to meet her. You are going to LOVE her instantly, just like she loved me.

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  1. It has been 12 years to the day that we adopted our little Russian princess from Pechory, Pskov Region. Back then it was only a 9 month wait from when we applied on Valentines day until the day we brought her home. It was a 10 day trip requiring us to only travel once. I know that laws have all changed now. If you are interested in e-mailing me, I would be happy to share with you some things I wish I would have taken to Russia and some things I will never forget. It was the trip of a lifetime and our dreams come true. Our daughter is now 14 years old, having been 2 when we adopted. Treasure the excitement of the anticipation... I know it's hard. I will pray for you tonight for God's perfect plan for you and your child, who is waiting for a Mama & Papa. Blessings! (Heatonteam@aol.com)