Thursday, July 16, 2009

"F" is for Food

O.K. Enough of not knowing anything about anything (that really shouldn't surprise us anymore) on with the alphabet people!

“F” is for Food. I had a previous post almost complete with foods of St. Petersburg with pictures of a food market (a.k.a. Grocery Store) but obviously, that material is somewhat irrelevant now! In my search of Pskov, I trust the site to tell me the inside scoop about what we will be eating in Pskov. There are 9 restaurants in the entire city, so I copy and pasted Lonely Planet’s review of each. I don’t think it sounds half bad. It reminds me of a mix of food from our travels to Alaska and Germany. I think Chad will definitely order the khash at Noev Kovcheg. I particularly like how one place is called “Restaurant” no confusion there!

1. Bavaria
Although the ambiance is lacking, Bavaria's eclectic menu (English available) and friendly service make it a good find. Dishes include perch in cabbage, stewed with beer; omelet with ham and mushrooms; and pork stuffed with plums, walnuts and cheese. The only drawback is Bavaria's location; it's about 200m south of pl Pobedy.
2. Café Gorenka
A good place for a snack or coffee, Gorenka has desserts displayed in the front counter; you can also order pizza, sandwiches, salads and ice cream.
3. Club Jaguar
Featuring an eclectic menu and friendly service, Club Jaguar is a fine place for a meal. In addition to a good three-course business lunch, you can order sushi, salads, seafood and bliny.
4. Kafe Cherskaya
One of several restaurants along this stretch of Oktyabrsky, Cherskaya has a casual vibe and boasts a cocktail menu as extensive as the food list. Cabbage soup, schnitzel and all the Russian favourites are on hand.
5. Kafe Frigate
Overlooking the Velikaya River, Kafe Frigate specialises in seafood and the usual Russian favourites (bliny , borsch, chicken Kiev). The almost elegant, red-hued dining room is strung with rigging ropes and other nautical devices, although the real kitsch arrives in the evening when the ballad-singing band takes the stage.
6. Kafe Snezhinka
A rather minimalist affair, this music-filled café attracts Pskov's youth, who gather for coffee, beer and light Russian meals. Picture windows look out across Oktyabrsky pr onto Detsky Park.
7. Noev Kovcheg
This smoky, underground restaurant is worth going to on Friday through to Sunday when the chef serves khash, a hearty Armenian dish made of meat (from cow's feet), chilli peppers, garlic and vodka, and served with lavash. If shin meat doesn't entice, you can always opt for shashlyk or dolmas.
8. Restaurant
Next door to the bus station is a simple Restaurant where you can grab a bite (eggs, bliny, open sandwiches) before catching your bus out of town.
9. Restaurant Rus
Set in the old Kremlin tower overlooking Dovmont Town, this elegant restaurant exudes atmosphere (from the tables in the tower's alcoves, you can peek out at the river through crossbow slits). Dishes are unspectacular but fresh: marinated mushrooms and potatoes; crab and tomato salad; and salmon with tomatoes and mushrooms. The ambiance is marred only by the cheesy lighting and obtrusive Russian pop. Downstairs from the restaurant is a cozy bar. English menu

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