Thursday, July 2, 2009

Top 10 Things you may or may not want to know, but I feel like telling you just because I can.

10. My ears have been super clogged up for 6 days. I thought I may be getting a cold, but I have no other symptoms and no pain. Just constant “head under water feeling”. (I’m sorry if you work with me and you’ve heard this over and over again). I bought drops at lunch with no luck. I tried chewing, swallowing, yawning, plugging my nose and blowing. Nada. I guess I need to go to the doctor.

9. Is it ridiculous to anyone else that we pay A LOT of money for health insurance every week and still need to pay $30 co-pay and prescription costs for a silly doctors appointment about clogged ears? I am holding out on the appointment and I am going to try some crazy “alternative remedies” tonight at my house I found on Google. I’ve read about peroxide, submerging my head in a tub of water, rubbing alcohol, and taking Claritin D. I am going to try all of those things before shelling out $30+ bucks and missing work. If all else fails maybe I can grow a science experience from my ear canal. Like I said- I’m not sick, just annoyed.

8. Does anyone else think it’s crazy that all news has stopped because Michael Jackson died last week? All of my Google news burps, e-news, and other headlines are overrun by the same “breaking news” in several different variations. Don’t even get me started about people committing suicide over his death. What a wacked out world we live in.

6. Speaking of wacked out world, as I was scouring for news other than MJ's untimely demise I came across some important news stories. "Charlotte man arrested after disrobing mid-flight" (yes that means he got naked and refused to put on his clothes prompting an emergency landing in Albuquerque) "P.E.T.A. claims making children eat meat is abuse" (Stemming from a billboard of a 500 pound child eating a hamburger) and my personal favorite "Woman recovering after attempting plastic surgery on herself" (She bought a vile of Silicone on eBay and injected it into her lips and cheeks). Wow. She was a mother of three and a "successful business woman". Now we all know why everyone is crazy about Michael. That makes this stuff seem normal.

7. Does it annoy anyone else when you buy food with the intention of eating it and it goes bad in your fridge? It makes be feel so bad that people are starving and I have to throw out food every week. I need to do better with this facet of my housekeeping skills.

6. I’m sad that I’m the only one taking Course II of cake decorating. I understand that it’s not for everyone, but the comradely was a lot of fun. I signed up today.

5. What’s the point of vacation when you work twice as hard before you leave and twice as hard when you get back?

4. Does anyone else think the World’s Ugliest Dog 2009 isn’t really THAT ugly. I mean sure he has an overbite…..

3. Eating two breakfast bars containing 35% of your daily fiber intake is never a good idea.

2. 400,000 cribs were recalled today due to faulty hardware. I was certain it was the crib we bought based on the poor crib luck we've had. It wasn't it was made by Simplicity.

1. No news from Anya or CWA about the status of the Dossier. Maybe we didn't make the vacation cutoff. Maybe we did and this is normal. I wish I knew what to expect. But don't you love how this is the only thing I really needed to say to you and it took 10 pages to say it?

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  1. i was going to suggest peroxide. did it help?