Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We interrupt this Alphabet....

We interrupt this alphabet to let you know we just received an odd e-mail that our Dossier has been "transferred" to Pskov. It appears that Pskov is moving faster than St. Petersburg right now (faster is better) BUT we know nothing about Pskov, but that it's considerably smaller than St. Petersburg and it's geographically located between St. Petersburg and Moscow. I pulled up our online planner and it looks like the documents required by this region are A LOT different than St. Petersburg. So I am freaking out a little bit. I've come to know and love St. Petersburg and I felt comfortable with what they need from me. Are we going to have to amend things? What about USCIS? Everything we've done is geared towards St. Petersburg- are we totally changing gears? I really hate this. I wish I knew more to tell you.


  1. GOD is in control....Don't worry, everything will work out. Maybe your little "bundle" will come earlier & it will be all worth it! Momma

  2. USCIS won't care. Your visa isn't region specific.

    You will have to re-do some paperwork. But, at least it gives you something to DO, right?

    I've got a couple of virtual friends who adopted from Pskov. From what I hear, it's a region that's fairly smooth if you're "typical" and can be difficult if you're not--even singles have a hard time there.

    You'll like it! And, you can come visit St. P if you stay for your ten days.