Wednesday, July 8, 2009

News, but not "the" news....

On the Adoption news front: Today in the mail we were copied on a letter from SC Department of Social Services to USCIS offices. The director of human services, Patricia J. Cokley, sent a letter to the District Adjudications Officer, Diane Zedde, of USCIS enclosing a copy of our home study and verifying that "the study has been read and approved in fulfillment of SC Statute (Children's Code, Sec. 63-9-520, SC Code of Laws, 1976, amended. The letter was dated June 30th, so all of our USCIS pieces are coming together nicely. As for our Dossier, I am taking the stance that no news is good news. I am assuming now 1 month post translation of documents there were no problems. Since I don't anticipate any news any time soon, I am thinking about two options for future blog posts. Stay tuned. Mom- I promise I'll get more regular posting. It has been insano on the home front (1 dinner at home this week!)

On the global news front: No fall out between Russian and American relations with President Obama's visit to Moscow. El' President is now in Italy as I understand. I had a few news stories posted, but I didn't want to bore you, so I deleted them. That, and the fact that all reports are such a mix between very positive and very negative ones. I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle and we have a ways to go "bridging the gap" between our cultures. I read somewhere that a "reset" button between the US and Russia has been set, but there is no "easy button". Our relationship is fragile and needs to be nurtured with mutual respect for each others global perspectives. They seems enamoured with Ms. Obama (as everyone seems to be) as she visited orphanages and traded gardening tips. I think she read my blog and tried a more domestic approach to winning over the Russian people. :0)

On the Deetz news front: I have bamboozled my sister into taking Course II of cake decorating. Our first class was this last Monday- we only make one cake in this class so I won't have anymore cake pics until July 28th. But I learned how to make mums and rosebuds. Oh joy!
Police have killed the serial killer living in the next county over. What a relief. This last week was eerie and made everyone rethink the "small town=safe" mentality. The murders of 5 Cherokee County folks was just heartbreaking and frightening.
This is not my mum, but I made some just like it. My mum lives in Florida.
TTFN. I love you Baby Deetz!

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  1. I love you so much........I seem to be going through daughter withdrawal. I miss being a part of your everyday lives. I know I gave you roots & wings but it is hard to be so far away. As I always say "you grew up in spite of me"! But, on a happier note, you make me so proud & I love you more each day and can't wait until the next chapter in our lives takes place & we have a grandbaby to love! Praise God! Love, Momma