Saturday, July 4, 2009

Groovy Nursery Part II

Slowly but surely we are making our guest bedroom into a cool place for Baby Deetz. Chad and I have never been super "matchy matchy" kinda people when it comes to home furnishings. I would call our taste "Modern, post-thrift store eclectic". I think it stems from our desire to be original without spending much money. (Since we don't have any) Thus, as you know Ikea has become my new best friend. Yesterday when we went we actually took the designated "shortcuts" to Smaland (the kids section) and then backtracked to the bedroom dresser section just to make sure we didn't come across anything we liked better than the "Trofast" system. Our result wasn't an all day trek through Ikea Charlotte, but just about an hour of thinking and weighing options. Which is record fast considering the 10 million square feet of inexpensive modern decorating glory that was ours for the taking. We ultimately decided on the Trofast system because it is:
1-Kid friendly-Mostly heavy duty space age plastic, everything comes with straps to bolt it into the wall to prevent toppling. And IT'S FUN!
2-Inexpensive- We spent $200 less than the previous wooden "traditional" dresser and got a toy tower, 6 drawer diaper caddy, and area rug, as well as an Ikea umbrella, stepping stool, and knife set (not pictured) to boot.
3-It's totally customizable. You basically purchase the shells and then fill them with whatever- drawers, cabinets, rods for hanging clothes, shelves, whatever you need. Since we have plenty of closet space (after I clean out the closet that is....) we opted for a toy tower with buckets, two shelves behind a door, four drawers, a diaper changing platform, and the smaller six drawer caddie that will actually hang above the unit after we paint and decide on it's permanent place in the room. Here are the boxes it came in, note that the tubs are the largest thing in the cart:

Here is the lovely gender friendly rug (flowers and gears) for the room. This will be perfect for a girly room or the robot room. $40! I love those Swedish people and their handwork! I just noticed in this picture you can see my foot and Alex's foot too....oh well. And here is the finished product- Can you believe all this came out of those tiny boxes? Chad is a great assembler. I only put together the drawers, I mean someone has to be the designated photographer, right?


  1. Cuteness! I'm glad that you found something that you really like. Everything is a complete 360 degrees from the last furniture purchase. It looks like Baby Deetz will have a fun & cute room.

    HAPPY FOURTH!!! I was just remembering the R.I. trip for the 4th. The parade, Brittany and the trumpet man, the floating "flo-tilla" in the ocean inlet, the clam search, the BUGS, and all the great family vacation fun. Wish we were all together again, maybe someday! I miss the holidays together the most with us being in a different state. Love ya!

  2. d2b has trofast book and toy shleves (and bins).

    send me your e-mail so you can get to the private blog!