Saturday, July 25, 2009


I know the alphabet has been taking up some time, but I just wanted to give you an update concerning the adoption and life in general.
-Chad and the youth group are home from New Orleans. It was a very successful Mission Trip. Good things. For the city and for our group. He took 76 people down there, ran two bible schools for kids in the community and had a construction work crew as well. My dad drove up from Florida and went on the trip too. He is a jack of all trades and our youth kids love "Pop". Of course, we do too.
-I've been going to Course II cake decorating. Every week we learn how to make different kinds of flowers and trims. This Monday is our "final exam" We are making a basket weave cake and putting all these flowers I've been slaving over onto the top. Can't wait to show you the finished project.
-Brittany bought a kitten. I've never been around cats, so it freaks me out a little with it's spasms. But it's very cute and I think it's name is Jasper Cullen. She's changed it like 50 times.
-I'm in a BUNCO club and Brittany and I hosted the festivities at our house. Everybody chips in a dollar and if you roll the last BUNCO of the night you win the money! We'll I won the $13 dollars at the end of the night. This morning I was walking the dogs and noticed our neighbor's were having a garage sale. They have two small kids- so I ran inside, brushed my teeth and threw on some clothes. Look what I got for baby Deetz- an exersaucer and MORE BOOKS! I have a feeling the exersaucer is going to be too small for them, but for $10 it was a steal and looks brand new. If they are too big- I'll just consign it at the church kids sale later. But guess how much everything cost all together? $13! What a deal.
-We received a letter stating that our cable was sent to Moscow and it had our Russian "case number" on it. In two weeks we need to send an e-mail to the consulate and confirm that it was received.
-Anya sent us an e-mail with a few more details. She said that the agency has personally received "two very quick referals" from Pskov and right now things are running very smoothly there. Denise (our documents manager) has sent us the Pskov documents in Word format so that we can start redoing some of the Pskov specific forms. What we have done for St. Petersburg was enough to "get us registered" and on the list for a baby. Before we travel we will just need to have the other forms completed and registered. When we travel as well there will be several things that we need to do in Pskov that we didn't need to do in St. Pete, such as get a doctor to examine us here and confirm that we are in good health. We will still need to be examined over there as well before an "8 doctor panel". I guess it won't be that bad redoing everything. At least I'll have something to do while I wait.
Stay tuned for "M" it's in the works.

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