Monday, July 20, 2009

"I" is for Ice

Because there is a lot of it there. I found three interesting uses of ice in Russia, since there is so darn much of it.
Ice Sports: Hockey of course is huge in Russia. The Russian men's national ice hockey team is one of the most successful national ice hockey teams in the world. They win National Championships and Olympic metals. The 2014 Winter Olympics will take place in Sochi, Russia. Don’t forget about the ice skaters and ski team too. I guess when you walk around on ice and snow the majority of the year it becomes a natural ability to skate, dance, and run on ice!

Ice Exhibits: Every year in Moscow's Krasnopresnensky Park there is an annual ice museum created, spanning miles! People come from all over the world to make giant sculptures and to compete in the festivities and millions visit. It looks pretty spectacular!

Ice Bathing: The providence of Pskov hasa“Walrus Club” similar to the “Polar Bear Club” in America. Crazy guys chop holes in the ice and go for a dip in the frigid waters in the dead of winter. Fun! You can also go to the hot/cold baths in the city, where you sit in the sauna and then take a dip in ice water.


  1. We have seen ice sculptures from Kazakhstan and they are beautiful! :)

  2. When I read the title of the post, I thought of the controversial book by Vladimir Sorokin called "ICE". It revolves around a symbolic hammer with head made of ice block and can awaken the power of speech in selected human hearts.