Wednesday, August 19, 2009

People and things that ROCK!

People that rock: As you know I sent our additional docs to Columbia to be Apostilled on Monday afternoon. Well this morning I got a package at work and they had already come back. My first thought was- Ughhh. I screwed up and it came back to me. A business card was attached inside. Everything was already done! The card was from Patricia at the SC Secretary of State's Office, the same lady that helped me before on my little road trip in June! I was so thankful, I almost cried.... That was so fast! I had the package back out the door on the way to Flat Rock before 10:00am this morning. I sat down and wrote her a thank you note, I was so grateful for her helping us so quickly. Maybe things are slow in the SOS office, but in my mind I see a woman that went the extra mile, dropped everything and got it done for Baby Deetz. The most she could have had it in her hands was an hour before sending it back out. PATRICIA YOU ROCK!

More people that rock: Our church people. Chad was in a meeting last night and was giving a report about the youth department and his very busy summer. Someone, concerned for his mental health I suppose, asked him when we were going on vacation since we didn't take one this summer. He kindly responded that our funds and our time is spent on Russia and that would hopefully be our vacation this year/early next year. After he got home from the meeting last night, two church people had called the house- one offering a beach house for the week and another to use their house in the mountains! WOW. We were just at a loss for words at people's generosity in our lives. We have such a spectacular family, God is just indulging us with a spectacular church family too.

Friends that rock: You'll also notice the bringing home the baby "Ticker" has made another jump. Thank you friends!

Things that rock: I am little addicted to craigslist. I have never bought anything from anyone that have posted an add, I have found a few garage sales here and there to check out- but I mainly just LOVE looking at people's junk. Since everyone is local- it's a lot more intimate than ebay (which I also love). It always surprises me what people think they can sell and put a picture up for the world to see "I am trying to sell my 15 year old Lazy Boy. The fabric is torn on the right arm and it smells like my cat, but if you'll come pick it up I'll only charge you $15. Call Billy Bob for more info." It's like looking in 100 people's houses and looking at what didn't sell in their yard sale. Fascinating. Well last night I was perusing the "Baby Items" looking for a not so hideous glider/ottoman (didn't find any, they were all grody) and came across "Baby Rock Star Clothes" It grabbed my interest, so I took a peek and it was soooo cute. And $15 for the lot of stuff! So I contacted Rock Star's Mama and arranged a pickup at our local Pizza dive downtown. It was kinda exciting- like a stakeout. And look at how cool the stuff is....especially the little Chuck Taylors! Love it! Baby Deetz: you are going to be the coolest baby, surrounded by so many people that ROCK!!

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  1. You know why so many people rock? O.K. here comes my mother view point! It is because you ROCK! You are just the person I imagined when you rocked my universe when you were born. I wanted you to be well-rounded, kind & loving. You fight for what you believe in, love deeply, show kindness & generosity to all. Baby girl, you are all I longed for & dreamed of. Baby Deetz will have all these qualities because they will have an example to follow in you & Chad. Don't forget you have & will have my support in all you do! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN LIFE ITSELF! Thank you for being my daughter. Momma