Sunday, August 2, 2009

"R" is for Ruble

Rubles are Russian Money. I'm sure that most of you knew that- I just wanted to make sure to cover all the bases. 31 Rubles are equivalent to $1 (U.S. Dollar).
Quiet Money (Paper money) comes in the following notes:
5 rubles (since discontinued, but still legal tender), 10 rubles, 50 rubles, 100 rubles, 500 rubles, 1000 rubles and 5000 rubles.
Noisy Money (Coins) come in the following denominations:
1 kopeks, 5 kopeks, 10 kopeks, 50 kopecks, 1 ruble, 2 rubles, 5 rubles and 10 rubles.

In 2008 the National Poverty line in Russia is 3,250 Rubles per month ($104 USD). 14% of people in Russia earn less than $104 dollars a month. In 1998 40% of the population fell below the poverty line.
In 2008 the average salary of a person living in Russia is $640 US dollars per month (19,938.15 Rubles)

If you were on welfare you would receive the following:
Milk & kefir (yogurt) (20 Rubles)
Sugar (18 Rubles)
Bread (20 Rubles)
Beef (120-150 Rubles)
Pork (150-200 Rubles)
Fish (100-200 Rubles)
Curds (120 Rubles)
Salt (5 Rubles)

As well as an allowance for 1 winter coat (to last 7 years) and a two-piece suit (to last 5 years)

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