Friday, August 28, 2009

Cover Letter

This week we applied for an adoption grant, despite rumors that they have no money to give due to the downturn in the economy. At best we'll receive a thousand dollars to help defer some of our travel costs. We are about $13,000 away from our goal. The problem is, we look too good on paper from a financial point of view. If I saw our application I wouldn't give us any money, it appears that we have plenty! And don't get me wrong- we are so blessed. We both work VERY hard for the money we earn, and even with my shopping habit, we really are conscious of everything we spend. But I'm sure there are SOOOO many people that have no other options. However, we have a great support system and have not given up hope of finding creative ways to raise money. If anything we are using the application as a way to gauge if we are wasting our time trying to get "grants". Please keep us in your prayers as we try to decide what to do. If we are unable to fundraise the last bit, we are weighing the options of borrowing the money, at least until we can get our adoption credit to pay it back.
Anyway, after I got through filling out the gigantic application, another page popped up with all of the documents we need to produce to be considered (tax returns, an essay on why we want to adopt, letters of references, a letter from our pastor, our personal testimony, copies of our home study, a letter verifying our adoption from our agency) Ugh. More paperwork. I just have a feeling that this is a lost cause. But we want to exhaust every possible avenue. I want to know that we tried. It really is a catch 22 with adoption funding. You need to earn enough to show Russia you can support a family, but you can't earn too much that you over qualify for a loan/grant. It leaves folks with student loans/mortgages/bills to pay in the lurch. For all the grants you have to send a cover letter explaining your intent along with "supporting documents" of various forms. This is what I'm thinking:
Dear Sir or Madam:
Thank you for considering me for your grant. I promise that I have already signed my life away and had my finances gone over with a fine tooth comb. I have been fingerprinted, examined, poked and prodded. I have had my bank verify how much to the penny I owe on my home. My employer has verified my salary and benefits. I have provided copies of my life insurance, health insurance, dental insurance, and 401k. My doctor has vouched for me too. I have driven to Columbia. I have driven to Flat Rock. I have made endless phone calls. I have sent nice e-mails, mean e-mails, and frustrated e-mails. If I've gotten this far, I think my quest is legit. I promise that I am not trying to fool you about adopting a child. I really want one. I don't have an $13,000 lying around in our bank account. I am not making this up. I do not like to fill out paperwork so that even more people can look at how much I earn, how much I give to Goodwill, how much I pay per month for my telephone service, and what my blood type is. I just want a baby.

I think it's good. Whadda ya think? Direct, honest, to the point. It will definitely make us stand out in a crowd. No really- I've started to gather the necessary information to apply and we will send it out next week. I just want to know what our options are.

BUT.....In the meantime, I've been thinking a lot about our next course of action. These are my plans:
1- Have a garage sale (a.k.a. make room for Baby Deetz sale) We have too much stuff. That can wait until the weather gets cooler. Maybe end of September/October?
2- Talk to our Pastor about a benefit dinner at the church. Get local vendors to donate some items for an auction. Time to call in some favors! If I can get the food donated, then our cost would be next to nothing. I am sending him an e-mail today.
3-Baby Cakes. My last cake class is this monday. I am so excited about my cake- I think it's going to be great. The picture is a sneak peak at some of the elements I've made in advance. After I snap some pics I want to launch Baby Cakes- another way to use my talents to save some "dough".
We need to get moving. I hate sitting still. Full speed ahead is my favorite speed!

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  1. I can totally relate. I have applied for grants and been turned down. Just like you I look too good on paper--have a great job with a good income but I also have expenses and dont' have the needed cash just lying around. It is frustrating.
    I like your letter--it does say exactly what our real feelings are. I just want a baby!!!
    I did just have a garage sale and I asked my coworkers and friends to donate items to me if they had things they wanted to get rid of. I was overwhelmed with help and support and I made $1,000 on my garage sale in one day. I couldn't have done nearly so well without the donations of items to sell.