Thursday, August 13, 2009

“X” is for......

Can you believe we only have two more letters left? Next Thursday marks one month since we’ve been fully registered in Pskov. Time has flown by! Now that the alphabet is almost over, how will we pass the time now? I’m open to suggestions- I have a few things in mind, but would love to hear from you too.
I’m torn between two x’s. That sounds exciting doesn’t it? So “X” is for “X-ray girl” and “exports”. (I know “exports” doesn’t really start with an x, but it should.)
Natasha Demkina from Saransk, Russia claims she has an extraordinary gift that reminds me of something out of the comics- she claims to have x-ray vision. Apparently, she has been a super genius since birth and following a botched surgery of her own when she 10 years old, she started telling her mother that she could see “inside” people as in organs, bones, guts. She says that her powers work like a switch- she can turn the x-ray machine on and off with her mind.
Her case has not been proven or disproved. Her first “test” was when Natasha was asked to draw a picture of a doctor’s guts. She drew a picture of his stomach, with a dark spot exactly where the doctor had an undiscovered ulcer. She has also been able to isolate cancerous tumors and find broken bones. The Discovery Channel did a documentary on her, so there must be something to it. Ripley’s Believe It or Not?, Anyone?
I think the lady behind her in the picture is wearing "x-ray" goggles.

10. Fish & shellfish … $375.3 million
9. Fertilizers, pesticides & insecticides
8. Steel making materials … $635.6 million
7. Nickel … $645.3 million
6. Precious metals … $697.6 million
5. Finished metal products other than steel … $852.9 million
4. Nuclear fuels … $866.3 million
3. Semi-finished iron & steel products … $1.5 billion
2. Aluminum … $1.8 billion
1. Oil & other petroleum products …US$10 billion

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