Monday, August 24, 2009

Second Place!

I was in the midst of posting a blog full of angst and bitterness. But I erased it. I was feeling a little poopy and sad today. Just feeling like nothing is moving. So many people have asked us lately “Have you heard anything??” and I WANT you to ask us that- don’t get me wrong, I just HATE saying “I don’t know anything”. It would be so much better if I knew what to tell you. Even if we had to wait longer, say into next year, I at least could tell you “It’s going to be Spring of next year” but I can’t say that. I just say to you, “well it could be today, it could be tomorrow, it could be spring of next year!” we just don’t know anything!

On Friday I sent our case manager an e-mail just to confirm that she received the new updated documents (she had) and she threw in a little additional information and since inquiring minds want to know, I present that information to you now for your reading pleasure:

1- We are currently number 2 in line waiting for a “young child” in Pskov. (That is better news than I anticipated, I MEAN SECOND PLACE IS ONLY ONE PLACE AWAY FROM 1ST PLACE!) She said she would let us know when we were #1 on the list.

2- The two families that received referrals from Pskov before us waited 8 months and 4 months for their children. We’ve already been waiting 1 month…..

3- The agency is hoping to receive some more referrals from our region in mid-late September. That means if there is one referral in September, then we would be number 1. If they receive two referrals, then, well, we would be getting a referral.

I know this information is extremely vague and surrounded by a lot of “if’s”. But I think the main thing is to keep hope alive and know that it WILL happen. Everyone’s case is so different, it’s impossible to pinpoint anything exact. Our agency is doing the best they can to give us a time frame, they have no way of knowing either. We want to be excited and think “we could be traveling to Russia in the fall” but in the back of my mind I always think “That's too fast! They won’t call until we’ve given up hope.” Fall would be a miracle. Y’all just keep praying that we are the exception to the rule, since God is in the miracle business, let’s just keep his business alive and well.

On my way home, I passed a church marquee that read “Thank God in advance for His blessings” Tonight, please join with me in giving thanks for bringing Baby Deetz home in His perfect timing. We are praying for a miracle!


  1. I will continue to pray for a speedy referral.....I understand long waits!

  2. Praise God from whom all blessing flow. This tidbit of information & hope brings us one step closer to bringing Baby Deetz home to his/her forever family. God is still in the miracle business & everything will be in His perfect timing. Momma

  3. Hang in there! we just returned from Pskov last week with our daughter. We are the family that waited 8 months. It is a beautiful region and so worth the wait!

  4. Hello! I have been lurking for a while and have loved your clever ABC idea! and your dog is precious.

    I just wanted to let you know that this is the hardest time...but it WILL happen. Just hang in there. God has a plan for you and for a special baby. It is amazing how He will reveal it to you and give you glimpses of Him along the way...through other people, through will be amazed.

    I can't wait to hear that you have a referral and will be checking back often!


  5. Thank you all for your words of encouragment- It came at the perfect time! I'm just not a very good "waiter", BUT I know it will be worth the wait.
    See- everybody- you can post your comments too! Don't be afraid, you don't even have to be an official "follower"! Drop me a line....