Sunday, August 23, 2009

Room with a view!

I am thrilled to announce that EVERYTHING, yes EVERYTHING in Baby Deetz's room belongs to Baby Deetz. I have cleaned out the closet and removed all that mysterious stuff you accumulate in "spare bedrooms" and now every single thing belongs exclusively to them. Now, I would be misleading you if given the impression that everything is IN ORDER. It's a mess in there. But at least I've weeded out the clothes/bags/sheets/pillows and other random things and now all items are exclusively for baby. That was quite a feat. I still think Alex thinks we've made this room for him.
Next steps:
1-Get the shelving unit into the closet so that all this stuff has a place to go.
2-Paint the walls
After we know for sure if it's a boy or a girl:
1-Stencil/word art the walls (Gears or flowers)

Here is my latest find- The Baptist Church by our house had a Children's consignment sale last weekend. I found this "Boon" brand frog that hangs on the wall for bath toy storage (it's back is a removable scoop for fishing out toys) for $3! I saw one at Babies-R-Us for $30! What a deal!

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