Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How I saved $277.05 today….

It’s consignment sale time again. I volunteer for two reasons, #1- because our proceeds go 100% to local missions, but mostly because I get a volunteer ticket to come to the pre-sale before it’s opened to the public. (That’s honesty folks…..I’m not ashamed.) Last time, you’ll remember I got some really great stuff at the sale. We’ll this time I found some more goodies and I thought you might want to share my joy ;0). It’s like the day after Thanksgiving shopping, except it’s all for Baby Deetz AND I don’t have to get up at o’dark thirty.

Item 1- Diaper Genie Refill pack, NEW (Retail $6.00) $1
Item 2- Munchkin Fresh Food Feeders, NEW (Retail $7.49) $3
Item 3- Fisher Price ABC Peek-A-Blocks (Retail, used $34.99) $4
Item 4- Fisher Price Tiger Piano Toy (Retail $19.99) $2
Item 5- Playskool Giraffe Ring Toy (Retail $14.99) $2
Item 6- Baby Essential Diaper changing mat (Retail $24.99) $3
Item 7- Diaper changing mat, fuzzy/unk. Brand (Retail, uhhhh….$12?) $2

And my favorite finds….
Item 8- Dwell Studio Boppy, NEW (Retail $49.99) $10
Item 9- First Act Percussion Pack, NEW (Retail $38.57) $10

And the Pièce de résistance…..

Item 10- Melissa and Doug (you know how I’m obsessed with all things wooden) Wooden Puzzle rack with 7 Melissa and Doug Puzzles (Retails- $123.95, GASP) $20

I really went to buy a jogging stroller I saw when I was working on Monday night, but I think one of the volunteers must have snagged it. :0(
It was only $25 and it was pristine. Sniff….. Oh well. I would say hopefully next time, but I REALLY hope I already have a BABY and a stroller by the time the next consignment sale rolls around in the Spring!

In case you were wondering....this is the way I justify spending $57.00 at the Children’s Fall Consignment Sale at my church. (at least to Chad anyway! Ha! Ha! No- he's great and doesn't care what I buy.....he's a happy guy that doesn't mind my habit. I am so lucky)

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  1. Don't you just love baby shopping!! They have such cute things. It is especially good when you can find bargins. Momma