Sunday, September 13, 2009


O.K. I don't know what's up with blogger. You may have noticed two things. One- the post I made last night ended up looking like binary code. I'm not sure about what happened there. The now deleted post basically said my second weird point you observant/obsessed (like me) types may have noticed:

Our blog counter jumped from 9,000 hits to close to 12,000 hits almost overnight. Two possible but unlikely explanations for this conundrum:

One: You like me, you really, really like me.

Two: I used some hot catch word (Julie and Julia? Fall? Autumn? Comfort Sport Car seat? that started popping up on Google searches

Three: The little mouse that runs around the wheel to make the ticker tick worked overtime and kept running....and running....and running.

Four: Chad said he put an update in our church bulletin with our blog address on it. But 3,000 hits in less than 24 hours? Hmmm....

I think we'll file this one under "mystery" But hello! If I've made 3,000 new friends!

This weekend was insano. I made a ton of cake squares for Frances' Wedding Shower today- thought you might want to see them, so I'll attach a picture. It was almost a cake disaster- the cake I made (buttermilk spice cake with cinnamon butter cream frosting) sure did taste good, but started a revolt when being cut into squares. It was super moist (almost gooey) it was crumbly too. At some point I was standing in my kitchen in my pajamas (because I didn't want to get cake/icing on the clothes I wore to church and had to put back on to go to the shower) It was 12:15. I had to leave the house in 20 minutes. I had icing everywhere. Alex was standing under my feet having an all you can eat buffet at the crumbs falling on the floor. I was literally talking myself up- "O.K. Sarah you can do this. But these look BAD. We need to think of a better way to do this. You need to just relax a little and take your time" If someone walked in my house they would have had me committed. I made it to the shower- 10 minutes late but with cake squares as promised. Next time I am making cupcakes. Something that is BAKED in the container it comes in. It was just unnatural to get pieces of cake in a paper and iced and then placed in a box. Too much to ask.

Well, you live and learn I suppose. And I KNOW next weekend I will be making everything on Friday night for the sweet 16 cake for Saturday. Novice cake decorating and pressure DO NOT MIX.


  1. Handy hint for making "square" cakes. First, make a large sheet cake, ice it, then score it into squares and then decorate each square. Then when it is cut at the party on the scored mark, each person will get a decorated "square". Don't tell Alex, he will be upset with me because this will ruin his feast! Momma