Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mission Accomplished.

My first MAJOR cake project is complete. Everyone breath a sigh of relief with me.....Ahhhh......
It was one of my co-worker's daughter's 16th birthday and I was hired to make the cake. A GIANT cake. I worked last night from the minute I got home until 12:30 in the morning. Then I had to finish up some final touches this morning, but it was actually fun today. I decided that making cakes is fun if you are only doing the baking or the decorating. NOT both at the same time. That's why on cake shows they just pull these giant cakes out of the fridge and they just unwrap them and go to town with the decorations. They have sense. I do not. Well- I just wanted to share my latest accomplishment with you! It may be a LONG time before I post another cake picture!


  1. Wow! I am so impressed! You are one amazing, talented woman (even though you are still my little girl). On your 16th birthday you got a special ring (the beginning of your jewerly fedish)and we went to the beach for the weekend with a couple of your friends. The tradition carried on with Brittany & we did the same thing. I got my first "real" ring on my 16th too. But, you did not get a big fancy cake, only the humble Momma cake. I love you! Momma

  2. That is beautiful!! It must have been a huge hit.

  3. The cake was wonderful! I have had lots of comments on the cake through my facebook account. It looked beautiful and tasted great too. When we got home from the party my daughter said, "The cake was more amazing than I expected!"
    Thank you so much Sarah for helping make Hannah's Birthday full of wonderful memories.

  4. Hi Sarah!!! The cake is most impressive!!! You did an amazing job!!!!! ;) I lost the gusto on cake classes after the first one. haha I think cupcakes are more my speed!!! ;) love and miss you...Heidi xoxo