Friday, September 18, 2009

It’s all yours….

I heard this on this story on the news this morning. Whenever I hear the word “Russia” my ears perk up and I immediately begin praying. I’ll be the first to admit I am not “up on” global goings on. I never have really paid too much attention to foreign affairs, I usually find it confusing, boring, frightening, or a combination of all three. But I understand that we live in a changing world. At any moment any given country could close their doors to Americans wanting to adopt. The way I think about it is, imagine if the United States opened their doors to foreign countries adopting American born children. Would that be viewed as a sign of weakness? A sign that we have lost hope in finding our own citizens to raise our forgotten children? A sign that we have come to the conclusion that our Foster Care system has failed? What if the tables were turned?

You may remember our president visiting Russia and vowing to make some changes concerning nuclear warfare. I read the articles following this visit, and couldn’t really get a good pulse on the situation. I know that news is often slanted and that it is rarely “just the facts”. But I am taking this article published in the New York Times today as a positive. “Putin Applauds ‘Brave’ U.S. Decision on Missile Defense” By: Clifford J. Levy and Peter Baker

"MOSCOW — Prime Minister Vladimir V. Putin praised President Obama Friday for canceling a plan for an anti ballistic missile system in Eastern Europe that Russia had deemed a threat, suggesting that the move would lead to improved relations between their countries.“I very much hope that this correct and brave decision will be followed by others,” Mr. Putin said.The Obama decision on Thursday replaced the Bush administration antimissile plan with a reconfigured system focused on short- and medium-range missiles. Mr. Putin and other Russian officials who spoke to reporters on Friday did not say whether Russia would respond with concessions to the United States, particularly on the issue of Iran’s nuclear program and its overall military capabilities. The Russian officials did indicate that the Kremlin would withdraw its threat to base short-range missiles on Russia’s western border, in Kaliningrad.
In his first major foreign policy speech which was coordinated with the White House, NATO’s new secretary general, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, called for a “genuine new beginning of our relationship with Russia” and said the West and Russia have a shared interest in opposing the proliferation of ballistic missile technology in other countries.”
Also on Friday, in another sign of warming in relations, NATO called for new cooperation between the alliance and Moscow, including possible coordination between antimissile systems."

So let’s keep those relations warm, OK? On my way to work I was reminded once again by a beautiful song my Steven Curtis Chapman. A true global perspective on our great big world…and who is in control. Here is the link (watch the video I dare you to watch it and not cry!)

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