Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Newest treasures

Today one of my friends at work nearly doubled Baby Deetz library! Thanks April. I got home and sat for an hour reading through them. Along with Michele's contributions to the library, we could start our own mini Barnes & Noble! I love it....thank you thank you thank you for the great books. We will treasure them for a very long time!
I also purchased a great car seat with my Target gift card from Mom. Baby Deetz has made out this week. Auntie Brittany went with me. She has a really cool gadget on her phone- you scan a product's bar code and it pulls up the price on the item in other stores and on the web and tells you if you are getting a good deal! Wait- there's more- THEN it pulls customer reviews of the product too. So we could check out the safety rating too. 5 stars! The picture doesn't really do it any justice- the lighter color is a shimmery gold color, the dark brown is a fuzzy teddy bear material. It seems really comfortable. I came home and told Chad I did REALLY good job- #1 spending my gift money on something practical (I was eyeing a really cool OVERPRICED diaper bag, but just couldn't justify it) and #2 I didn't buy another car seat just because it was "red" and "prettier", it had a lower rating and was almost double the price. Just for a recap- it is completely possible to spoil someone you've never met but love from the bottom of your heart.

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