Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Perfect Pskov Photo (P.P.P)

When you talk to Chad's stepdad Rick (Hi Rick) he often stops you in conversation to tell you the initials of what you just said. Not like in a "Rainman" kinda way, but a funny, silly kinda way. Here is an example:
Sarah: "You'll never believe who I saw at the store yesterday."
Rick: "Who?"
Sarah: "You know that creepy neighbor guy"
Rick: "Oh...the C.N.G.?"
Sarah: "Yeah that's the one. The one that picks up the pine needles out of his driveway one at a time"
Rick: "He's actually pretty nice, just a little intense"
Sarah: "He was buying fifteen frozen peperoni pizzas."
Rick: "F.F.P.P.!!?"
Sarah: "Yeah, I don't know why he was buying so many."

I don't know why but I've always found it quite hilarious. I think he said it's from being in the Air Force, everything is an initial. "Joe, go grab those P.F.Q.'s and throw em' in the back of the C.V.C." But I don't know if that's the case- I still think it's really funny.

Wow, that was a really long introduction to tell you about this picture. I found a guy online named Sergei Kovalenko, he is a photographer in Boston and his Grandmother is from Pskov. He spent summers in Pskov and has always loved the region. He comments that many "bloggers" have asked if they can post his pictures and he said that would be fine. So I don't feel badly about using his pictures. The picture is of his children, playing outside the Kremlin wall in the city. When I see this picture I think of Baby Deetz, running and playing and being happy ;0). It's a perfect Pskov Photo! (P.P.P.)

You can check out his great pics at

P.S.: Ricky- I.L.Y.!


  1. oh and funny about the abbreviations...I grew up as an army brat and totally understand...

  2. Rick is too funny! We miss having him/them close by so we can enjoy his humor & I miss Donna & our conversations (we can enjoy a good talk for hours!).
    I pray everyday that Baby Deetz is being loved, cared for and enjoying life. Momma (aka Grammy)