Sunday, November 8, 2009

$1 Saturday!

My sister and I named this Saturday- $1 Saturday! We woke up early on Saturday morning to be at Old Navy bright and early. Their winter scarves were marked down to $1 each! It was a nice warm up to Black Friday shopping in a few weeks. Upon arrival there was a line already formed- but it was definitely manageable.
It's always funny to me to watch people jockey for position. There are the obvious "jockey-iers" that inch closer and closer to the doors as the clock ticks down. They usually make loud comments at people, telling them the "inside scoop". "Attention ladies! I heard that the scarves will be positioned all over the store to cut down on the likelihood of a chaotic situation!" They are more apt to get into a fight over someone trying to jump in line. Then there are the ladies that pretend they are above the rush to get the best deal. Instead of calling out the "line jumpers" they will just complain to their other friends waiting in line with them. But those are the ones you need to watch the most. They will run you down with their smart Steve Madden boots and are not above using their 35 pound Vera Bradley bag to bowl you over when those doors fly open.

Anyway- I got 12 very nice scarves to give as gifts this Holiday season. (I'm sorry if you are reading this and now know that your gift only cost one dollar- but think of the value rather than the cost, ok?) Besides, you have to take into consideration that I woke up really early on a Saturday morning to stand in line to get you a present, ok? And it was pretty cold out too....

Anyway- then it was off to IKEA (I LOVE THAT PLACE) Because it was $1 meatball plates for all! So Britt and I had some meatballs, mashed potatoes, gravy, and ligonberry jam and then did some shopping. I got some curtains for Baby Deetz's room that are very darling. I haven't had a chance to hang them up yet- but it's on my list of things to do this week.


  1. That's my girls........look for those bargins!

  2. I bought 4 of the scarves...I haven't owned scarves in years. But- I couldn't resist the $1 each price!!!!! :) haha Hoping for some cold days in the Sunshine State...ya right! Good thing we're going up North and I'll be able to use them.