Wednesday, November 4, 2009

2 Interesting facts of the day

1- A porcupine’s quills get sharp a day or so after birth.
Sarah’s deep thought of the day: Isn’t God great? Imagine how the mama porcupine would feel if the quills got sharp before the baby was born. Yikes. (Picture #1- Baby, #2 grown up)

2-We received a flier in the mail from a law firm in Greenville yesterday telling us that USA Baby’s Inventory was being liquidated due to the bankruptcy. Guess what was on the front of the flier? OUR crib and OUR dresser! That means it was IN the store when they decided to go bankrupt and all!
Can you tell by this post that I have no adoption related news to tell you?


  1. That baby porcupine is just the cutest thing I have seen all day! other than my kids of course ;) but i bet that baby porcupine doesn't back-talk...hmmm

  2. I lam drawn to blogs that post a lot of pictures, and your porcupine pics are adorable! Love your deep thought ~ God is great!

    While we wait, we should pick a recipe (or two or three) from Please to the Table. We can each cook/bake the recipe and post pictures of our Russian cuisine results.

    So happy to have found a kindred soul that loves cooking, shopping and dogs! I'm praying that you receive a referral soon.

  3. This was so interesting because the day AFTER your post the porcupine interesting fact, was on the Rachael Ray show.