Tuesday, November 3, 2009

201st Blog Post!

Can you believe that you've been along for the ride for 201 posts? In honor to commemorate you- the fans- here is a brief rundown of all the exciting events that have transpired since announcing our plans to adopt in February:

It’s been 273 days since we turned in our initial adoption application
We’ve raised $23,200 towards the adoption since that time
It’s been 234 days since my house was REALLY clean for our home study. (After that it’s just been downhill)
My car has been spider free for 254 days.
We’ve purchased two cribs and two diaper changing tables for Baby Deetz room.
We actually received one crib and one diaper changing table without the manufacturer going out of business prior to receiving the goods.
Our Apostilled documents expire in 206 days
Our FBI fingerprinting/I-171H form expires in 436 days
Our Dossier has been registered in Pskov for 106 days
We’ve been #1 on the list for a referral in our region for 28 days

Thank you, as always, for your support, prayers, good wishes, and concern for Baby Deetz and this wild and crazy process. Here's to the next 200 posts!

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