Monday, November 16, 2009


O.K. so as you know we receive bulk “updates” monthly about the adoption, the pulse of Russian adoptions to be more specific, and the general status of families coming home/ potential slow downs, etc. Well, as you know we’ve gotten some scary updates (right in the beginning, like 2 days after we turned in our paperwork) and some happy updates “things are going great!” “kids are coming home!” updates. The last few have been very positive- people coming home, people traveling, people getting referrals.

Well my mom called me last week (you know the adoption guru that reads all of your blogs and keeps me up to date on the most current goings ons...) She reads like every adoption blog including our agency blog, and also periodically checks their website too. (I don't even do that!) She said- did you know your agency isn't taking any more Russia applications for new families? What? I didn't know that at all! So I went online and sure enough- there was a little note on the Russia page. It said they were temporarily not accepting new applications due to recent slow downs and to better serve the families already registered and waiting. On one hand I want to think- that is very responsible of them to not "bite off more than they can chew" and to focus on, well ME! But in the back of my mind, I am stressing out a little. It just hasn't set right with me. Maybe I am just paranoid. But if things are really going so well, then why stop? It feels like when Guatemala shut their doors (or their doors were shut) I'm not really sure which.....but either way, it just makes me feel nervous. Why wasn't this information in our latest update?

Just wanted to see what you thought about that.....Am I reading into that little paragraph too much?

P.S.- And have you noticed my fish (Feed my Fish!) have died or disappeared or something? Maybe it's my paranoia. Maybe "they" got them! Ha Ha Ha! Aren't you glad I can make fun of myself? It's truly an art.


  1. I love keeping "tabs" on the Russia adoption blogs. I think the courage everyone shows by adopting is amazing and shows more proof that "God does protect the orphans".

    As for the fish, I THINK THEY WERE ALL ADOPTED and are now living with their "FOREVER FAMILY".

    Love ya, Momma

  2. Sarah, Hi! I bet you read that info from my blog. I am working as an adoption advisor for CWA. I really think that everything is OK, they just want to move people through the process since referrals have slowed. Hang in there! It will happen!
    Stephanie Karasek (Gracie makes five)

  3. Not to scare you because I don't know anything about your agency... but when our agency stopped accepting new clients for Russia, for supposedly the same reasons, it was the beginning of the end. They closed their doors permanately a few months after we got home last year with our daughter and we never suspected a thing. The agency was "Gift of Life". I will be forever grateful to them for helping us adopt our amazing Lexi, but it was terrible how they left people hanging. I'd stay in constant contact your agency and get reassurances from them in writing!!! Best Wishes!

  4. The fish are back!! I think they just wanted to be appreciated! :)

  5. Hopefully it is a good sign that your agency is being responsible and trying to take care of the parents they already have on board. Whe I worked on my Kazakhstan adoption (that never happened) my agency kept taking more and more families even though their referrals had way slowed down until they had way to many in the program and finally things fell apart and many PSP's (like me) were left empty handed. Had they stopped accepting new famlies earlier things may have been different. Kim I would stay in touch with the agency and feel confident that you are getting the full story.
    Even with the slowdowns, Russia has been a steady and reliable program so hopefully it will happen soon for you.

  6. Bad typing--I meant to say PAP's not PSP's. oops