Monday, November 2, 2009

What will you do?

There are 143 million orphans in the World today and that number grows every minute. Orphan Sunday is November 8, 2009. What will you do?
Please visit Steven Curtis Chapman's webpage, for some great information.
Here are just a few wonderful, practical ideas. Follow the link below for more specifics!
-Add this cause to your twitter, facebook page, or blog. (There is power in numbers!)
-You can teach a Sunday School lesson (or pass it along to your teacher)
-Pass this page along to your pastor the link it includes sermon notes for preaching a message on Sunday
-Watch one of the powerful videos on the site and then forward it to a friend
-Download church bulletin inserts
-Download a small group lesson plan
- Find a book to become more informed about this global crisis
-Be inspired by some great musical artists that have written songs about orphans, listen to their music on this link, and then support the cause by buying their c.d.
-Download a 40 day prayer guide, at the very least, we can all pray
-Buy a $10 t-shirt that benefits this cause
-Find mission opportunities through Show Hope Foundation or other great organizations
-Donate to a wonderful organization that already exits (CWA's family builder fund? Just a suggestion ;0)
-Go to the concert in Nashville on Sunday OR watch the concert live online
-Find an event in your area already set up.
-MUCH MUCH MORE by clicking on this link-

My blog friend Kristine (I do love your blog more than Peanut Butter!) reminded me that if you want to do something meaningful to help orphans, but feel like November 8th is a unreasonable deadline, orphans need our help 365 days a year, not just this Sunday! Please commit to action (even simple things like downloading the prayer outline) or gathering a care package to send to your local Children's Shelter or sponsoring an Operation Christmas Child this year....there is so much that can be done!
Just listen to that still, small voice calling you to action and empowering you with a plan- that's God reminding us that the religion he finds spotless and pure is to look after orphans and widows in their distress.

Check out the new video I posted at the bottom of the page. I tried to embed it to this post, but blogger is having issues!

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  1. I love that you posted this! I was going to do a post about this today as well...i think it is going to have to wait until tomorrow...but our church has a great big plan (several couples have adopted) and we are so excited. I am going to share what we are doing on the blog sometime this week...

    I am with you on the Christmas decorations as well! I will start decorating soon. I just love this time of year. Who says you can't have a porcelain turkey and some pilgrims up along with your Christmas lights anyway? I am sure the pilgrims liked Christmas!