Wednesday, November 18, 2009

You're Invited! (To my pity party)

We got another bulk e-mail from our case manager today, they've gotten a few more referrals this week (not me you would be the first to know!) The e-mail said that in addition to the new referrals, they have gotten more court dates for other families and families traveling on their first trip this month too. She also mentioned that they are confident they will be getting more referrals before Christmas! So my hopes were high! Sky high!
I wrote her back and said something to the effect of "great news, maybe we can be one of those lucky travelers before 2010" She wrote be back and said the likelihood of that happening in our region was not good, that at best, we are looking at January. And not to get our hopes up. Too late for that......
Looks like a Christmas "State Side" is in our future unless we are expecting a Christmas miracle. Those do happen you know.....
Just wanted you to come wallow in my disappointment with me.


  1. I totally feel your pain...I threw my own pity party last year same time...I am warning you get closer to Christmas with no news it gets try to have lots of things to look forward to. Look for all the Christmas programs in the area at the local churches, plan a party at your house..."the last Christmas as a couple party"...or go away for a weekend together and plan a romantic getaway...try to plan some fun things to get yourself through it. Then once the new year will have a fresh attitude and will be ready for that baby!

    Hang in there. It will happen. God's perfect timing...


  2. Pity party? Are you KIDDING?! This is GREAT news. This means you are that much closer to baby Deetz. Like Kristine said, treat this as your 'last Christmas as just a couple'. Now you will have an entire YEAR to get to know baby Deetz before the Christmas shopping begins! PS I'm currently watching Madison eat/bathe in a nutella and banana sandwich....this chocolate covered face is your future-keep looking forward to it. ;)

  3. I'm right there with 'ya! Thanks for the invite :)

  4. Kristine had some great advice. Really good. Plan those fun get aways or parties, and before you know it the time will pass quickly. Hang in there!!

  5. There is no easy way to wait. It's even worse when the agency confirms that you may have to wait longer! Enjoy a short pity party, then enjoy your Christmas. Hard as it is, try to remember the real reason we celebrate, enjoy your friends and family!

  6. Good things come for those who wait ;)

  7. Sarah, what is going on? I mean, I *KNOW* all about slow-down's and long waits. But it seems like your agency is slower than many right now. Have you had a serious chat with them?

    It was hard for me to balance "all in God's timing" with being a pushover. That was with my first agency. I had so carefully and prayerfully chosen them that it seemed wrong to change.

    But I did. I'm so glad I changed! And, I'm also glad for the time I spent with the first agency. I made many amazing friends during that time.

    Just wondering...they moved you from St. P (which is moving well for my agency right now, it seems) to Pskov so that things would be faster...and it sure doesn't feel faster.

    Okay, maybe this isn't as comforting and encouraging as it should be. but I'm leaving it.