Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Chad!

Chad's birthday was on Friday (yes, the 13th). Back at the beginning of football season Chad mentioned that he would LOVE to go see a Penn State game at some point. We fear that Joe Pa's days as head coach are drawing near, and even if he makes it through another season, next football season will hopefully be drastically different at our house. (Hello Baby Deetz!) So I was going to surprise him with tickets and make all the arrangements. Then I realized Happy Valley is 10 hours from here....With work that was probably out of the question for me. Even though I love football, I really love it more when I can get up every 5 minutes, do laundry, read a magazine.....So, time went on and I casually mentioned it to Chad again in the first week of November. He said "I really would like to go....." So who am I to keep a man from his dreams? Carpe Diem! So for the last home game of the season, Chad and his BFF Blair sat on the 50 yard line in Beaver Stadium, with a perfect view of the man, the legend, Joe Paterno. The weather was perfect, the team won! Go Lions! And he got to be there (in person!) I watched the game on t.v. and my tummy was in knots the whole time. The Nittany Lions didn't look so good during the first half of the game. They were actually losing for a while. I am convinced that I prayed their way to a victory. How bad would it be to drive 10 hours to be skunked by an un-ranked team? But it all turned out. Chad also got to spend some time with his aunt and uncle, his cousins, and his grandma while he was there. I am really grateful that he got to be there and experience something like that again. I'm sure it will be a birthday he'll never forget.
Giving him that gift was the best party I've never went to!

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  1. Happy birthday to Chad, happy birthday to Chad, happy birthday, WE LOVE YOU, happy birthday to you!!!! I'm glad you are the "Son of my Heart".
    Momma Jane & Pops