Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Remember me telling you #1 our baby furniture store went out of business after we bought our nursery furniture? and #2 we got a flier in the mail recently saying they were holding an online auction to liquidate their assets? Well I totally cashed in on that one. I've never had a smoking habit, drinking habit, or drug habit, but let me tell you SHOPPING IS MY DRUG OF CHOICE. Every night I would preview the 900 item catalog dreaming of all the great stuff I could get for baby Deetz. I didn't bid on anything until last night about 45 minutes before the auction ended. I cursed the people all week bidding against each other two weeks before the deadline, driving up the prices for no good reason. I planned Monday night around "Auction Night" and Chad and I sat down and perused the items. I almost cried when designer crib linens I fell in love with at the store were selling for less than $100 for EVERYTHING! Including the rug, mobiles, and diaper caddies. It made me ill to see the crib conversion kits we paid $200+ for were selling for $1.25. Yes, you read that right, one dollar and 25 cents. By 8:45 I was broken out into a rash. I wished, wished, wished we knew if Baby Deetz was a boy or a girl. You may recall the linen set that was displayed in our first crib (CoCalo Harlow) It sold for less than $100. But it was very feminine and I fought off the urge to "buy it just in case" and sell it on eBay if it didn't suit our needs. I behaved myself to the best of my ability. A few nights earlier I actually dreamed I won one of the Quinny Buzz strollers being auctioned and I was jogging around the neighborhood with an empty stroller, waiving at all of our neighbors. (I didn't get a stroller by the way....See "cursed people" as earlier mentioned) They were just too expensive when it was almost said and done. But anyway, when we were buying our crib (the first time) I saw this adorable diaper bag by Kalencom. I loved it because it was so unique, but it came with a price tag that overruled my fashion sense. There was no way I could justify spending $100 on a bag. So, when I started looking through the online lots- there it was #78! The "Pheasant" bag designed by Elenor Grosch! Check out her design studio at http://www.pushmepullyoudesign.com/ . Anyway I WON IT! FOR $30!
I also one this Maxi Cosi Rodi car seat for a STEAL too. It's for when they are a little older (3O lbs) but then it converts into a Booster Seat too for up to 100lbs.

I also got a little something else, but it's a surprise....I'll post it a little later. He he....stay tuned.
I hope you all don't think I'm crazy- but I am so excited! This shopping experience was almost better than when I stumbled upon the $2 shoe sale at Kohls. But that's a whole nother story that involves breaking out into a sweat and arm wrestling a lady named Kristen for a pair of Candies.


  1. That bag is out-of-control cute and totally unique! Lucky you!

    On a cooking topic, I can't find red lentils. Bought black and green lentils at Whole Foods today... what is up with that? I want to make the soup tomorrow but might have to go ahead with non-red lentils :)

  2. I LOVE your diaper bag. It makes me want to get a new one. Ah...shopping is my drug, too! Too bad shopping takes money. I'm so impressed by your bargain deals. $2 shoes?! Can't wait to see the surprise!!!

  3. Glad you love the bag as much as I do.
    Meagan- hang in there....Maybe for Christmas?
    Amy- I can't find the red ones either to make the "lovely golden orange color" I think any color will work. I was worried about that- glad you were having lentil troubles too. I think I am cooking tomorrow night too!

  4. The diaper bag is the cutest EVER! I don't remember seeing that when we went....I do still love that crib and the crib accessories.

  5. I forgot, but Daddy & I have a little "surprise" too......stay tuned.