Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy Valentines Day (Happy Birthday Emma!) Today was a great day, we finished our last official adoption detail in Russia- our US Embassy Appointment. Now we are officially ready to get back to America! We have Charlie's visa! It was a crazy experience, like the DMV madness on steroids! The irony of the Moscow US Embassy? NO SIGNS IN ENGLISH. We were like blind hogs rootin' our way around. Confusion and chaos, lines with signs we had no idea what they said. We finally found our way to a room with 4 other adoptive families waiting.... (Charlie was the cutest, hands down by the way....) It was great talking to them and finding out their stories. We got to swear in, listen to a speech about Naturalization, Citizenship, papers to file, imigration, blah, blah, blah. I can honestly say I was in a fog at that point and chasing a two year old around a waiting room that had been sitting in one place for an hour. I hope Chad was paying attention....My mommy brain is fully mush at this point.
PLEASE remember to pray for us on Wednesday night late into Thursday. As you know we have 30 minutes to make our connection in Germany and now we have learned that we could face some MAJOR complications if we can't get to American soil within 24 hours. Not to bore you with all of the details concerning foreign citizens and visas, but basically it will involve emergency visas, and a lot of hassle if we can't get where we need to go when we need to do it. So PLEASE say a special prayer that we will hit no delays and complications on our way home. God has been so good so far and we are trusting that he continues to make a smooth path for us on our journey home.
Pray for Mama and Papa too. Charlie has begun testing us in a major kinda way. The honeymoon is over. We are now in a constant wrestling match to put on shoes, go to bed, take a nap, eat food. Struggle, struggle, struggle. He is still doing very well, but is just testing his independence in a major kinda way. Maybe it's the late nights and early mornings sprinkled with appointments at inconveinent times during the day....
Tomorrow we will focus on his schedule and letting him rest a little from all the hoop-la. Anyway, I better head back to the room, mama is done with her quite time, now it's papa's turn for a little R&R! We are SOOOOO DONE! And ready to be home!!! Please Pray us home!

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