Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Making it official....

Today was spent running all around Pskov. First to pick up the verdict from the courthouse (Yippppeeeee!) Our host says now we are "together". Next, to the Department of Vital Statistics to get his decree of adoption and new birth certificates. Then onto the photo shop to get pictures for his passport while in Pskov and an extra set for his visa in Moscow. We stopped at the store to pick up a few things (Pull-ups! Since we wants to go potty every five minutes, the diaper routine is getting kinda old) Next, onto the Passport application center. His passport will be ready at 2:00 on Thursday- just in time for the train ride to Moscow.
Last stop- to the DOE where we give them copies of everything we just did.  That way they can record his adoption and take his name and picture off the database for orphans. Whew. It was an absolute whirlwind.
Everytime we got in or out of the car, Charlie would cry for a few minutes, our host says this is common because he thinks he has to go back to the orphanage. By our last stop he was saying "with mama" because at every stop our host would explain to his that we are now "together". It was so precious. As expected, coming and going makes him a little nervous. He waits expectantly when one of us goes potty or walks up the stairs.
Right now, we aer getting ready for lunch and then naptime. Thank goodness. I have held him for hours and I am beyond tired....we are all getting use to one another quite well. We just can't believe how wonderful Charlie has already adjusted....he smiles, laughs, runs, and is having a overall good time unless it involves the "machina" (car) but even then- 2 minutes and he is fine. What a champ!
We thank you so much for your prayers. Right now we are tired, about to have a heat stroke at any moment and are trying to remain cool, calm and collected. All while hauling around an extra 30 pounds plus 30 pounds of "stuff". Oh, in the ice! Fuuuunnnn.....
But seriously, we thank you for your prayers for us and for Charlie. Everything we were nervous about as been just fine....As you may have noticed, Email corespondence has gone by the wayside. We have our hands full! But know that we love you, miss you and thank you for thinking of us.....
Paka Paka Y'all.

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